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K2 is proud to introduce the highest performance hard snow ski to date, forever changing hard snow ski design. As the flagship model for K2's new ROX Technology, the Bolt is the ultimate carving instrument available for medium to long radius GS turns with rock solid stability and hold at match speed. Sizes: 172
K2 Rictor
The Rictor upholds the high-end performance of the aftershock with a similar titanal construction while reaping the benefits of an optimal 80mm waist. Combined with All- Terrain Rocker, it becomes the ultimate tool for charging hard on groomers with enough versatility to tackle off-trail crud. Sizes: 167, 174
K2 Superglide
An all-new model in the women's collection, the SuperGlide has been developed for expert skiers who split their time between firm snow and soft. The ski's versatility stems from its All-Terrain Rocker profile and a lightweight yet responsive design mixed with an optimum waist width for a wide variety of conditions and pitches. Sizes: 153, 160
K2 MissDemeanor
A dependably stable all-mountain women's park ski that can tear up the entire mountain thanks to its All-Terrain Rocker. Its rigid 90mm footprint can stick harsh park landings with ease, while its robust sidewall construction will give you the performance you demand and the durability you expect while ripping the trees, groomers and park all in one run. Sizes: 159
This ski is built on the proven Recoil chassis to perform all over the mountain when not spinning park laps. Just ask K2 athletes Sean Jordan, Aleks Aurdal and Clayton Vila, who regularly push the envelope while skiing the Iron Maiden on slope and in the streets. Adopted to by Australian K2 team skiers, this is the perfect all-rounder for Australian conditions. Sizes: 169
K2 Superfree
Returning as the most sought after ski in the K2's SuperModels collection, the SuperFree gives advanced to expert level skier's energy and control in a high performance ski. Its All-Terrain Rocker will set women free as they enjoy fine-tuning their skills on or off trail, in firm snow or soft. Sizes: 139, 146, 153, 160
K2 Superfic
Built with a forgiving flex and lightweight construction, the Superific makes graceful turns through varied conditions a walk in the park for women of all ages. The ski's bioflex core instils confidence and controls without adding weight. Sizes: 139, 146, 153, 160
K2 AMP Charger
With the addition of ROX technology, the Charger steps its firm-snow performance up another notch. The added torsion combined with Speed Rocker and a sharper sidecut makes it one of the most versatile and nimble hard snow carving tools for short to medium radius turns. Sizes: 165,172
The Method is state of the snowboard art. It got intense fast, but all the aerospace materials and space travel they expensed resulted in a concept that pushes weightlessness into uncharted territories. Harnessing exotic materials and formulas that are untouchable in the industry, the Method fuses rocker and camber with high-end precision for a ride that seemingly hovers down the mountain. Sizes: 158
The addition of Squeezebox to the Custom Flying V™ changes the game completely for riders. The thinner core underfoot transitions to thicker, more powerful areas between and outside your feet to optimize pop, snap, and handling. The Flying V is already Springloaded with rocker float and camber stability, along with the electrified edge control of Lightning Bolts and Frostbite. Sizes: 154, 156, 158, 160, 163
If fresh landings and untapped zones make you drool on your pillow lines, the critically acclaimed Sherlock should stack up as your dream ride. The nuts and bolts of what's inside start with Flying V™ and Side Effects for float and control on natural features, Frostbite Edges, and Smooth Ride™ dampening to save the legs for one last shot. Built for riders who don't hesitate to pick their own line. Sizes: 157, 160
The Process Flying V™ has all the ingredients--the tasty traction of Frostbite Edges, succulent cushioning of Smooth Ride™, and the pop of Jumper Cables. And now it's even more capable with the camber/rocker combo of Flying V to complement its soft, well-rounded palate. The only difference is that this board will be just as good on day 100 as it was on day one thanks to Infinite Ride. Sizes: 155, 157, 159
The award-winning Whammy Bar is, unfortunately, not a snowboard trick, but actually a snowboard. If it was a trick, however, it would probably be the equivalent of a triple cork down a double kink. With the extra-pressable and bite-free powers of V-Rocker™, Mid Spoon, Scoop tips, and Rail Ready™ edges--it's pretty much impossible to catch an edge on. Sizes: 150, 153, 155, 157
Burton BLUNT
The Blunt. A true twin trick stick that filters top-of-the-line tech to couch surfer levels. Effortless to ride thanks to its rocker design, and with edges that are turned up and de-tuned, the Blunt is easy to shred and virtually impossible to catch an edge on. Sizes: 155, 158, 151
Double-overhead McTwists, threading needles, and sending it at jacket flapping speed--if this is your style, then the Custom X™ is your board. It combines razor-sharp response and cat-like edge control with helium-huffing weight. Now supercharged with Squeezebox for strategically targeted snap and stability that gives you more while working less. Sizes: 156, 158, 160
Without the Custom, snowboarding would not be where it is today. From the pipes and parks of freestyle progression to the backcountry lines of legend, this is truly one board to rule them all. Its classic camber design is now energized with Squeezebox, a new core concept that pushes power, snap, and stability further. Outfitting the pros since '95 this board needs little validation. It is the Custom. Sizes: 156, 158, 160
Burton TWC PRO
Shaun White started developing his first pro model at age 13. Needless to say, he's got a pretty good idea of what he wants. The TWC Pro is the exact board Shaun rides at the X-Games, in the trees of Japan, and everywhere in between. With an extra fast base, the pop and precision of camber, the vice-like grip of Frostbite Edges, and the unlimited adjustability of The Channel--it gives you the keys. Sizes: 156
For riders who settle for nothing less than the best, the Flying V™ version of the Feelgood™ satisfies by blending the snappy suspension of camber with the effortless float and control of rocker. Laid-back laps to high-speed attacks, its trailblazing design looks as good as it feels with the latest in women's engineering for a board that presses, pops, and carves its way into its own class. Sizes: 144, 149, 152, 155
When we introduced the Lip-Stick™, we thought it would be a hit, but had no idea it would be the talk of the town. With Flying V's critically acclaimed blend of rocker and camber, and NEW women's-specific True Flex offering torsional softness with no loss of snap. Jumper Cables Hi-Voltage add pop without sacrificing playfulness; Frostbite gives you that extra edge in even the most caked-up makeup. Sizes: 145, 149, 152
Full-tilt technology propels this super stable deck to the front of the pack. Invading super parks to back bowls with equal lust, this new addition to the Flying V™ squadron combines the freedom of rocker with the power of camber to transform your riding from enjoyable to life-changing. Add the cushioned suspension of Smooth Ride™ and you get an all-around ripper that's fully loaded to take you further. Sizes: 146, 151
If we told you we solved the problem of sinking and catching altogether, naturally you'd assume there was, well, a catch. Not so with the Blender and its pow-loving, muffin-buttering, jib-focused design. Hovering at the top with V-Rocker™, Scooped shaping, and Side Effects for enhanced float and smoother landings, it still grips like a Ginsu thanks to the AWD edge tech of Frostbite. Sizes: 141, 145, 148, 151
Burton LUX
At first this just looks like a really beautiful board, but upon closer inspection you'll realize the Lux is more than just a pretty face. Graceful on any terrain and featuring the latest in women's-focused flex, feel, and function, its premium blend naturally boosts your ability to ride faster, ollie higher, and carve with more finesse. Whether it's park, pow, or cruising, this is one everyone will enjoy. Sizes: 143, 147
Infamous for its forgiving and catch-free V-Rocker™ design, the Social is now even easier to throw around thanks to NEW True Flex. This new way of thinking re-engineers the board's flex and feel around a woman's body to take board control to a whole new level. The true twin shape and flex is equally fun no matter which way you point it, while Jumper Cables give you dynamite pop for effortless ollies. Sizes: 138, 142, 147
Salomon Rocker 90
The all new Rocker 90 replaces the popular Lord. Technologies include All Terrain rocker, early rise tail, edge armour with total edge reinforcement and pulse pad, moncoque construction and wood core. Whether it's carving a groomer, skiing some fresh or shredding in the BC, this will handle it with confidence and keep you looking for new terrain. Sizes: 169, 177
Salomon Enduro RXT 800
All terrain rocker, Double Monocoque construction, Full woodcore and Double Ti 400 laminate coupled with Powerline dampening make this one stable all mountain ski that excels on the groomers yet is versatile enough to explore all over the mountain and yet won't bust the bank account. Sizes: 168, 175
Salomon Origins Bamboo
All Terrain rocker, Double Monocoque construction, Full woodcore and Double Ti 400 laminate, Bamboo top layer coupled with Powerline Womens dampening make this one stable all mountain ski that excels on the groomers yet is versatile enough to explore all over. Your new BFF. Sizes: 151, 159
Salomon Enduro LX800
The LX800 is the perfect ski for someone looking to take their skiing to the next level and explore more of what the mountain has to offer. Comprising the latest in technology with All Terrain Rocker, Powerline dampening and a layer of Titanium, this ski will be stable and precise on the groomers and fun and floaty in a little bit of fresh. Sizes: 161, 168, 175
Salomon Pure White
The ladies specific Pure White will inspire confidence, initiate turns intuitively and have you looking to conquer the mountain in no time. Comprising the latest in technology with All Terrain Rocker and Powerline dampening, this ski will be stable and precise on the groomers and fun and floaty in a little bit of fresh. Sizes: 143, 151, 159
Volkl RTM 80
The RTM 80 is the perfect all mountain ski for those looking for a quality ski that will take them all over the mountain. Lively and fun with rocker design making the ski quick turning on or off the groomer's .when you put the hammer down the RTM 80 holds with confidence you can trust. Sizes: 166, 171, 176, 181
Volkl Kendo
Volkl Kendo is you're all mountain quality rip stick. Versatile at 89 mm under foot and new tip rocker giving the kendo precision with the holding and trust you expect from Volkl, with a marker griffon binding the kendo will perform for the expert skier. Sizes: 170, 177, 184
Volkl Ezzenza Chiara
New Volkl Chiara, complete new design, tip rocker, light weight and playful with plenty to offer the advancing to expert woman's skier. Bumps groomer soft snow Chiara does it all, extremely light weight, and tip rocker giving easy turn initiation and a smooth balanced ride. Sizes: 148, 155, 162
Volkl Kenja
Description-new Volkl Kenja an evolution of last year's popular model with added tip rocker and 1mm wider under foot, the Kenja is a quality all mountain Volkl performer for woman wanting a versatile all mountain performance ski that will take them any were on the mountain with precision and quality. Sizes: 149, 155, 163
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