Tube Town

Tube Town Tobogganing

Tube Town

Whether you grab your mates or you want to have some fun with your family, get ready for some serious laughs at Perisher's Tube Town!

This is an exciting, low cost snow experience located right next to the Perisher Valley car park, within walking distance to cafes, restaurants, restrooms and tobogganing… you never have to leave Front Valley.

You don’t even need to climb back up the hill, just put your feet up and be towed.


Perisher Tube Town Prices

Tube Town, Scenic Chairlift Rides and
Snow Play Tickets
In Resort
5 to 14yr
Tube Town
1 Ride $6 $6
5 Rides $30 $30
10 Rides $48 $48
15 Rides $62 $62
Snow Experience Products - Excluding Skitube from Bullocks Flat
Groomer Rides $38 $38
Scenic ChairliftRide $28 $18
Snow Play Pack - Clothing, Apres Boots and a Toboggan $49 $49
Snow Play Pack + Scenic Chairlift Ride $59 $54
Snow Experience Products - Including Skitube from Bullocks Flat
Snow Play Pack + Skitube + Scenic Chairlift Ride $69 $64


Where is Tube Town at Perisher?

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Morning fog.
Top:3.4 ° c
Village:4.3 ° c
Perisher Valley
6km/h | N