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 Group Conditions


  • Groups MUST comprise of 20 or more people.
  • All Group bookings are subject to the Perisher Booking Terms and Conditions – Click here to see all applicable Perisher Booking Terms and Conditions.
  • Group bookings need to be received at least 14 days prior to arrival and finalised 7 days prior to arrival.
  • Group bookings must be placed on our on-line booking forms.
  • Discounts are for those groups that stay together and play together. Group discounts are not available to those who arrive on different days, stay different durations or want a multitude of passes starting on different days. Essentially all passes must start on the same day and be for the same duration.  
  • Smiggins Snowsports School and Blue Cow Snowsports School only confirms the lesson time on the first day.
  • All lesson requirements are subject to availability and change at the proprietor's absolute discretion.
  • The wearing of helmets is mandatory for children participating in lessons.
  • Social group conditions: Children are 6 to 14 years of age, lesson duration is 2 hours and groups receive one free of charge Adult for every 20 paying people, ie. the 21st pass is free.
  • School group conditions: Rates apply for Students in school up to and including Year 12, lesson duration is 2 hours and groups receive one free of charge Adult Lift Ticket for every 10 paying Students.
  • Should any member of your group require special assistance, you must contact the Snowsports School prior to arrival to make appropriate arrangements.
  • The Group Organiser must collect all funds in advance. To avoid congestion please do not bring group members to the Group Counter.
  • One payment per group, No individual payments. We accept Cash, Credit Card, Direct Deposit and Bank/Company/Business/Association or School Cheques.
  • B/Pay or Direct Deposit payments must be made 72 business hours prior to arrival.
  • Group hire equipment fitting must be at Bullocks Flat, Smiggin Holes or The Station.


Acknowledgement of Risks and Undertaking


  • The Group Organiser acknowledges and agrees that alpine sports, including but not limited to skiing and snowboarding, as described in the Perisher Booking Terms and Conditions, are dangerous recreational activities within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act, 2002 (NSW) and further acknowledges that all such activities are undertaken at the participants own risk and subject to certain risk warnings and the Alpine Responsibility Code (click here).
  • The Group Organiser undertakes to notify all parties to the Group booking of the Perisher Booking Terms and Conditions including applicable risk warnings and the Alpine Responsibility Code; and further agrees to indemnify Perisher against all claims, demands, losses or liability of any kind arising from any failure to comply with this undertaking.

    Group Inclusions & Information


  • Skitube between Perisher and Blue Cow is included with any VALID Lift Ticket.
  • If you make a booking for a 5 Day Ticket starting on a Monday it includes free Skiing from 12pm on the preceding Sunday.
  • School group 1 day Lift and Lesson during the middle of the week (Monday to Friday) is based on availability and maybe limited to an 11.00am time slot at Blue Cow or 10:30am time slot at Smiggin Holes.
  • Due to increased patronage during peak season periods, lesson availability may be limited at certain times.
  • The FOC (free of charge) passes issued will be Lift Only Tickets these passes are not upgradeable, however if the bearer requires a first timer lesson please go to the Ski School Meeting place at the time assigned to your group and the Ski School will cater to your lesson needs. The FOC passes for School groups can only join lessons with their students. Should the bearer want an intermediate or advanced lesson they can either purchase a 2 hour group lesson or private lesson when they arrive at the resort.