Parks and Pipe Report

Perisher Parks

Perisher has the best parks in Australia and there are six parks on offer today including Australia's only Half Pipe located to the right of Front Valley.

For the advanced:

The PlayStation Slopestyle terrain park is looking insane right now with three jumps (two 50ft and a 60ft) ready to send those more experienced riders sky high. The park has been widened so it hugs Sturt T-bar and there are three new features in the rail line up.

Watch some killer tricks be stomped out in the Half Pipe or have a go yourself either way it is wicked fun!

For the intermediates:

Leichhardt has new features like an 8m flat bar, table top with bonk and 6m cory pipe on bank for you to try out. If you are not up to the task of PlayStation's jumps then try out the three jumps (20ft, 25ft and 30ft) in Leichhardt.

Blue Cow terrain park is having a big feature built in it so for now there is a 6m flat box and two small table top jumps.

For the beginners:

Piper terrain park in Smiggin Holes is a great place for the beginners to start learning the basics with small jumps, boxes, a rail and small hip.

Yabby Flat terrain park has had a Mini Half Pipe built in it so if you haven't worked up the courage for the big one on Front Valley, head up to Yabby for a pipe that's a little easier.

The Rider Cross course is up and running for the speedsters.

Perisher's parks are the best in the Southern Hemisphere, so it's no surprise that top freestyle skiers and boarders in the world are out training in our parks. We don't just create parks for the athletes though our terrain parks cater for every level of experience, so whether you're looking to progress or it's your first time in parks, there is going to be a park for you!

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