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Weather: Perisher Valley

Partly cloudy.
13Km/h | ENE
Thu 21 Aug 9:30pm AEST

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Lift Report

Lifts expected to open tomorrow

Updated Last: 21-08-2014 9:48PM

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Mt Perisher

OpenEyre T-Bar 9:00AM 4:15PM
OpenInternational T-Bar 9:00AM 3:45PM
OpenMt Perisher Double Chair 9:00AM 4:15PM
OpenMt Perisher Triple Chair 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenSun Valley T-Bar 9:00AM 4:15PM
OpenOlympic T-Bar 10:00AM 4:15PM
OpenHappy Valley T-Bar 9:00AM 4:30PM

Centre Valley

OpenLeichhardt T-Bar 9:00AM 4:45PM
OpenHome Rope Tow 9:00AM 4:45PM
OpenLawson T-Bar 9:00AM 4:30PM
On DemandBlaxland T-Bar 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenWentworth T-Bar 9:00AM 4:45PM
OpenQuad Express 9:00AM 4:15PM
OpenPretty Valley Double Chair 9:00AM 4:30PM

North Perisher

OpenTelemark T-Bar 8:45AM 4:45PM
OpenNorth Perisher T-Bar 9:15AM 3:30PM
OpenInterceptor Quad Chair 9:00AM 4:00PM

Front Valley

OpenSturt T-Bar 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenVillage 8 Express Chair 8:30AM 5:00PM
OpenMitchell T-Bar 8:30AM 4:00PM
OpenTom Thumb 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenSki Carpet No. 1 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenSki Carpet No. 2 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenSki Carpet No. 3 9:00AM 5:00PM
OpenSki Carpet No. 4 9:00AM 4:00PM

Smiggin Holes

OpenPiper T-Bar 9:00AM 4:30PM
OpenLink T-Bar 8:30AM 4:30PM
OpenBurke T-Bar 8:30AM 5:00PM
On DemandWills T-Bar 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenKaaten Triple Chair 9:00AM 4:30PM
OpenHume T-Bar 8:30AM 4:00PM
OpenCaptain Cook J-Bar 8:30AM 5:00PM
OpenScott J-Bar 8:30AM 4:30PM
OpenZoe's Ski Carpet 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenHarry's & Herman's Ski Carpet 8:30AM 5:00PM

Blue Cow

OpenRidge Quad Chair 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenSummit Quad Chair 9:00AM 4:15PM
OpenEarly Starter Double Chair 8:30AM 4:30PM
OpenTerminal Quad Chair 9:00AM 4:30PM
OpenBrumby T-Bar 9:00AM 4:30PM
OpenPleasant Valley Quad Chair 9:00AM 4:15PM
OpenPony Ride Carpet 9:00AM 4:30PM
OpenSnowsports School Rope Tow 9:00AM 4:00PM


OpenBlue Cow T-Bar 9:00AM 4:00PM
OpenBlue Calf T-Bar 8:30AM 4:30PM
OpenCarpark Double Chair 9:00AM 3:00PM
OpenFreedom Quad Chairlift 9:00AM 4:00PM

Tube Town

OpenTube Town Rope Tow 9:30AM 4:30PM

This report reflects conditions at the date and time of this report.
Conditions, lifts status and operations subsequent to this report may differ