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Location Temperature Air Humidity Wet Bulb Barometric Pressure Wind Direction Wind Speed Wind Chill Last Read
1 Mt Perisher Double (Top Station) 2033m\6669ft5.0°C99.0%5.2°C0.0 hPaN(343°)6 Km/h2.7°C 03:30 15/02/16
2 Perisher Express (Top Station) 1970m\6463ft6.3°C100.0%6.5°C0.0 hPaNW(320.85°)8 Km/h3.9°C 03:30 15/02/16
3 Perisher Express (Bottom Station) 1720m\5643ft7.3°C96.0%7.4°C0.0 hPaE(72°)5 Km/h5.5°C 03:30 15/02/16
4 Perisher Express (Mid Station) 1875m\6151ft7.1°C99.0%7.4°C0.0 hPaE(110°)2 Km/h6.0°C 03:30 15/02/16
5 Blue Cow Summit 1956m\6417ft5.4°C99.0%5.7°C0.0 hPaNE(25°)6 Km/h3.2°C 03:30 15/02/16
6 Perisher Village6.8°C92.0%6.8°C0.0 hPaN(17°)1 Km/h5.5°C 03:49 15/02/16
Disclaimer: Weather instruments may freeze or be damaged by extreme weather conditions and therefore the weather information provided here may not always be accurate, complete or current. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Perisher Blue Pty Limited excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this information.

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Partly cloudy.
Top:6.3 ° c
Village:7.1 ° c
Perisher Valley
2km/h | N