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Program & Race Updates

Date Posted WSC Team Responsible Coach Comment
11-Aug-2014All Competition TeamsThe proposed dates for the annual fundraising dinner that the Parents Association puts on, have been postponed until sometime in September. There will be an invitation sent in the next few weeks.
11-Jul-2014All Mogul TeamsPeter McNielNSW Freestyle has a new Team App:
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Entries and Results
24-Aug-2014 - Devo Teams Snowboard Slopestyle Results
24-Aug-2014 - BC Cup Ski-Cross Results- 2nd Run Official Times & Qualifying Times
24-Aug-2014 - BC Cup Ski-Cross Results- Overall Brackets
23-Aug-2014 - Blue Cow Cup GS Results
22-Aug-2014 - Blue Cow Cup Slalom Results
17-Aug-2014 - Devo Teams Grand Prix Giant Slalom Results- By Group
10-Aug-2014 - AJS Results- Overall
10-Aug-2014 - Devo Teams Grand Prix Moguls Event Results- Overall
10-Aug-2014 - Burton AJS Halfpipe Event
9-Aug-2014 - Burton AJS SBX Event
8-Aug-2014 - Burton AJS Slopestyle
3-Aug-2014 - Duals Junior Mogul Comp-Results Day 2
3-Aug-2014 - Perisher Masters Super-G
3-Aug-2014 - Perisher Masters GS
2-Aug-2014 - Perisher Masters Slalom
2-Aug-2014 - Male Junior Mogul Comp-Results Day 1
2-Aug-2014 - Female Junior Mogul Comp-Results Day 1
27-Jul-2014 - Devo Teams Ski/SB-Cross Grand Prix Results- by group
25-Jul-2014 - WSC Code of Conduct and Advice to Parents
13-Jul-2014 - Masters Time Trial
8-Jul-2014 - Freeski Teams 2014- Final Version
1-Jul-2014 - All Alpine/Ski-X Program Start Times
1-Jul-2014 - Driving Consent Form 2014
29-Jun-2014 - Devo Teams Self Signout Form 2014
15-Jun-2014 - All Mogul Teams Calendar 2014
15-Jun-2014 - All Snowboard Teams Calendar 2014
15-Jun-2014 - Alpine/Ski-X Comp Teams Calendar 2014
14-Jun-2014 - 10-Pack Interschools Calendar 2014
22-May-2014 - Draft- Race MastersTeam Calendar 2014
7-May-2014 - 10 Pack Alpine/Ski-X Calendar 2014
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