You’re never too old for an adventure...

You’re never too old for an adventure...

If there’s one saying Patricia Savage lives by, it’s; ‘age is nothing but a number’. 

At 91 years young, Mrs Savage is a testament to the fact that you’re never too old for an adventure, especially one here in Perisher.

Since strapping on her skis in 1964, she became “hooked” on the rush from taking those first turns. And ever since then, every year, she has grown with Perisher, exploring the mountains as the resort and quest for an adventure expanded.

For Mrs Savage, that’s what so special about holidaying at Perisher – no matter what your age or level, the experience remains one of utter enjoyment and fulfillment, with there always being just one aim…

“I just want to be able to ski along and do some nice little turns, get down safely and get up and do it all again.”

So why let age be a barrier to your happiness or thrill seeking? When there’s always adventure awaiting… 

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