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Water and Waste

Reducing water use within hotels and staff accommodation

A program to retrofit existing bathroom fittings with water saving devices has been in place for several years. To date, 98% of all of Perisher’s showerheads have been converted with low flow fittings, including 100% of the staff and guest accommodation at The Station and ‘on-mountain’ staff accommodation. Water saving opportunities are also being achieved through the conversion of existing single flush toilets to dual flush. 85% of the staff and 70% of the guest accommodation at The Station and 29% of the on mountain staff accommodation has been retrofitted.


A key objective of Perisher’s EMS is to minimise resource consumption through efficient materials management programs to reduce waste to landfill.

Recycling bins are provided throughout the Resort giving Perisher’s staff and guests the opportunity to recycle. The bins are comingled bins that accept plastic, glass and aluminium.  Paper and cardboard recycling bins are also provided in Skitube Terminals, primarily for the collection of waste newspapers.

On a broader waste management scale, paper, glass, aluminium, plastic and waste steel are all recycled at Perisher Valley. In addition to this, all hazardous waste including used motor oils and filters, batteries, engine coolant, tyres, used cooking oil and grease trap sludge and other rubber products are recycled at licensed disposal facilities. Systems are also in place for the recycling of waste generated by staff, including electronic waste, mobile phones and printer cartridges.

Annual Clean up day

Every year post season, Perisher coordinates a clean up day to collect solid waste within the resort area. Approximately 80 Perisher staff, assisted by National Parks and Wildlife Service employees combine to apply a total of over 450 person hours, scouring the slopes, around buildings, huts, lodges, roads, creeks, lifts and anywhere else that rubbish can collect over the winter months. In 2005, over two tonnes of litter was collected and removed from the Kosciuszko National Park, and each year since then, over 1 tonne of rubbish has been collected off the slopes on Clean Up Day.


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