Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

What will the snow be like for your next snow holiday? Perisher has partnered with Weatherzone, Australia’s leading weather forecasting website to provide you with the most reliable and accurate weather forecast for your snow holiday at Perisher.

4 Day Weather Forecast
Snow showers developing.
Snow showers developing.
Minimum: -6° C
Maximum: -2° C
Prob. of Prec.: 90%
Wind 9am: NW 10 km/h
Wind 3pm: NW 15 km/h
Snow showers.
Snow showers.
Minimum: -4° C
Maximum: 0° C
Prob. of Prec.: 90%
Wind 9am: NW 20 km/h
Wind 3pm: NW 21 km/h
Snow showers. Windy.
Snow showers. Windy.
Minimum: -5° C
Maximum: -1° C
Prob. of Prec.: 90%
Wind 9am: WNW 21 km/h
Wind 3pm: WNW 20 km/h
Snow shower or two.
Snow shower or two.
Minimum: -4° C
Maximum: 1° C
Prob. of Prec.: 90%
Wind 9am: WNW 14 km/h
Wind 3pm: WNW 14 km/h
Snow Forecast Summary
Winter is well and truly back on track with 5-10cm in the last 24 hours and plenty more to come. The strong cold front that crossed the Alps yesterday has moved offshore, however there are a few more lined up to add to the recovering snowpack. The strongest cold front in two weeks will bring the heaviest falls later on Monday, and by mid week after the fronts take a break, about 50-80cm is likely to have accumulated. Blizzards at higher elevations and strong winds throughout the mountains are very likely within this period, so layer up well as the windchill will make it feel extremely cold. High pressure throughout the middle of the forecast will bring slightly warmer temperatures than present, however the second week is looking good for more frozen flakes of joy. issued on: Sunday
14 Day Weather Forecast
  Weather Prob. of precip Likely snow Snow level Wind Visibility
Sun Jul 24Mostly cloudy. Snow90%5-10cm800Fresh NPoor
Mon Jul 25Cloudy. Windy with snow90%20-40cm1000Strong NWPoor
Tue Jul 26Cloudy. Windy with snow90%5-10cm900Strong NWPoor
Wed Jul 27Cloudy. Snow90%10-20cm1000Fresh NWPoor
Thu Jul 28Cloudy. Snow showers40%<2cm1500Fresh NWFair
Fri Jul 29Cloudy. Rain periods60%2-5cm1600Fresh NWFair
Sat Jul 30Mostly cloudy. Snow showers20%<2cm1400Fresh W to NPoor
Sun Jul 31Cloudy. Rain periods70%2-5cm1700Fresh NPoor
Mon Aug 01Mostly cloudy. Showers, chance storm90%<2cm1800Strong NPoor
Tue Aug 02Mostly cloudy. Snow90%10-20cm1300Fresh NWPoor
Wed Aug 03Mostly cloudy. Snow showers90%2-5cm1300Fresh NWFair
Thu Aug 04Mostly cloudy. Snow showers60%2-5cm1200Fresh NWGood
Fri Aug 05Mostly cloudy. Snow showers90%2-5cm1200Fresh NWFair
Sat Aug 06Mostly cloudy. Snow tending to rain early90%2-5cm1200Fresh NWGood

Perisher Weather Stations

Automatic Weather Stations

Location Temperature Air Humidity Wet Bulb Wind Direction Wind Speed Wind Chill Last Read
1 Mt Perisher Double (Top Station) 2033m\6669ft-5.2°C99.0%-5.2°CN(338°)12 Km/h-10.2°C 14:45 24/07/16
2 Perisher Express (Top Station) 1970m\6463ft-4.3°C93.0%-4.7°CW(279°)0 Km/h-6.9°C 14:45 24/07/16
3 Perisher Express (Bottom Station) 1720m\5643ft-4.0°C94.0%-4.4°CNW(310.05°)0 Km/h-6.6°C 14:45 24/07/16
4 Perisher Express (Mid Station) 1875m\6151ft-4.2°C98.0%-4.3°CE(88°)5 Km/h-7.7°C 14:45 24/07/16
5 Blue Cow Summit 1956m\6417ft-3.4°C91.0%-3.7°CNW(300°)13 Km/h-8.5°C 14:45 24/07/16
6 Perisher Village-3.8°C91.0%-3.8°CNE(32°)7 Km/h-7.8°C 14:45 24/07/16
7 Bottom Ridge Chair 1609m\5278ft-2.2°C88.0%-2.8°CW(252°)11 Km/h-6.8°C 14:45 24/07/16

Disclaimer: Weather instruments may freeze or be damaged by extreme weather conditions and therefore the weather information provided here may not always be accurate, complete or current. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Perisher Blue Pty Limited excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this information.

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Snow showers developing.
Top:-4.3 ° c
Village:-3.8 ° c
Perisher Valley
6km/h | NE