Cross Country Report

Cross Country Report

Cross Country

Perisher Cross Country Report

Report provided by  Wilderness Sports updated 08 October

Mt Perisher Blue Cow


Snow Reports 

Perisher has partnered with Weatherzone, Australia's leading weather forecasting website to provide you with the most reliable and accurate weather forecast for your snow holiday. Check out the 14 day forecast here.


A partly cloudy but will be overcast day with light winds following a cool night.
The snow will be firm early but will soften quickly with some sink holes appearing as creeks start to open but plenty of snow to explore and tour.

No new Grooming of the Trails but they remain good skiing with a few places starting to get patchy.

A good day to tour and explore the trails around the Nordic Shelter or to tour off trail to Porcupine Rocks for some great views

The Nordic Shelter will remain open through the School Holiday time.

Trail Grooming ceased for the winter season of 2017. 

The Perisher Wilderness Sports store will be open this weekend from 9am - 4pm for any hire and retail needs, though we will likely ski middle of day and on mobile.


Scattered cloud but mostly overcast day with light winds so best today to get out and explore or just take a camera and picnic lunch. A good day to enjoy an outdoor experience.

Perisher have some very good trails with pole lines for safety so no hassle with navigation and all are a loop. 

Good cover building and higher up on the Main Range where the cover and the base remains deepest for some years. Lee slopes loaded and deeper cover and expect large cornices building. 

Snow around Guthega has consolidated a base and is still good access.


Keep an eye here but save the date for SnowTrail on your 2018 calendar. Snowshoeing is so much fun for all ages and levels of fitness to discover the ease and joy of snowshoes. Come try out the brand new EVA snowshoes by Crescent Moon snowshoes for a new experience snowshoeing and we are the first place in the world to have them available right here in Perisher.

Be careful and be prepared when visiting the mountains but it is good to get out and explore to get familiar with terrain.


Scattered cloud but mostly overcast day with light winds building so best today to get out and explore. Cold night so expect a good spring corn day. The snow will soften quickly through the day as it warms up. Go explore further for some turns.

Trees @ Dead Horse Gap offer good access to touring but should be best higher up  with conditions better lower where it can be variable for skiing; also very good skiing around the Paralyser and Mt Wheatley plus from Guthega in the trees closer to Perisher.


Scattered cloud but mostly overcast day and possible shower. Great day to head backcountry or last laps on the resort groomers before the resort and lifts close after today and a wrap for lifted skiing. Great skiing still on the resort and groomed snow.
If you are heading out either back country or on the resort you can continue to enjoy some of the best snow conditions and cover of the season on a spring snow pack!
The inner nordic trails have some holes and patches of grass starting to appear. 

The outer trails are looking great but touring skis are the way to go with such a good cover.

The Wilderness Sports store in Jindabyne is open, check out the latest mountain adventure gear! Just pop over this-a-way

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