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64cm Storm Total! Week Wrap-up

All we can say right now is WOW, what a few days at Perisher! After much anticipation, the cold front that was promised swept through Perisher, bringing with it 64cm of fresh snow. The mountain team...

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Why We Put Chairlifts on Wind Hold

19 July 2024 With the large cold front bringing fresh snow to Perisher this weekend, you may have heard the term ‘you can’t have rainbows without a little rain’, the saying applies for...

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The snowstorm is here. It's a Perisher Pow Party!

15 July 2024 21 July Update: There are truly only a few words that can describe the beauty of Perisher today, but we think 'pure magic' sums it up pretty well. With 64cm of fresh snow falling in the...

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Gear Swap for a Day at Perisher Snowsport Rentals 

10 July 2024 Whether you're a regular here at Perisher, or if it is your first-time riding with us, you have more than likely wandered into one of our rental stores at some point in y...

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All 4 Resort Areas Now Open!

5 July 2024 We are stoked to announce that all four of Perisher's resort areas are now open, with Guthega making its season debut this past week. It wouldn't be without the tireless efforts of our aw...

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Perisher Announces 2024 Apres Lineup

29 June 2024 If you visited Perisher last season and made your way to The Station after a day out on the slopes, you would have more than likely found yourself at one of our headliner acts. We are sto...

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Blue Cow and Smiggs are a GO!

19 June, 2024 We are stoked to announce that Blue Cow and Smiggin Holes are set to open this weekend, Saturday 22nd June! After a week of solid snowmaking across the resort and not without a mammoth...

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Deadline Extended: One Final Chance to Buy Your Pass

It’s our favourite time of year as we kick off the winter season here at Perisher, Falls Creek and Hotham! With recent fresh snowfall and more cold temperatures ideal for snowmaking, the excite...

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Rip in! The V8 is set to open TOMORROW!

12 June 2024 We’re super excited to announce that the Village Eight Express Chairlift will make its season debut tomorrow, Thursday 13 June! The chairlift is expected to spin fr...

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