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Operations for the 2023 winter season have now ceased. Thanks for an awesome winter and we can't wait to welcome you back next year!

Lifts expected to open today

open Open: 0 | closed Closed: 48 | Busy Busy: 0 |
on hold On Hold: 0 | On Standby On Standby: 0
Perisher ValleyOpensCloses
ClosedEyre T-Bar9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedInternational T-Bar 9:00AM3:30PM
ClosedMt Perisher Double Chair9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedMt Perisher Triple Chair 9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedSun Valley T-Bar9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedOlympic T-Bar 10:00AM3:00PM
ClosedHappy Valley T-Bar9:00AM4:15PM
ClosedLeichhardt Quad Chair8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedHome Rope Tow9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedLawson T-Bar8:30AM4:00PM
ClosedBlaxland T-Bar 8:30AM4:00PM
ClosedWentworth T-Bar 8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedQuad Express (No Foot Passengers)9:00AM4:15PM
ClosedSturt T-Bar9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedVillage 8 Express Chair8:30AM5:00PM
ClosedMitchell T-Bar 8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedTom Thumb 9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedTelemark T-Bar8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedPretty Valley Double Chair9:00AM4:15PM
ClosedNorth Perisher T-Bar9:15AM3:30PM
ClosedInterceptor Quad Chair8:45AM3:45PM
ClosedConveyor No. 19:00AM4:00PM
ClosedConveyor No. 29:00AM4:00PM
ClosedConveyor No. 39:00AM5:00PM
ClosedConveyor No. 49:00AM4:00PM
ClosedConveyor No. 59:00AM4:00PM
Smiggin HolesOpensCloses
ClosedPiper T-Bar9:00AM4:30PM
ClosedLink T-Bar8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedBurke T-Bar 8:30AM5:00PM
ClosedWills T-Bar9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedKaaten Triple Chair 9:00AM4:30PM
ClosedHume T-Bar8:30AM4:00PM
ClosedCaptain Cook J-Bar8:30AM5:00PM
ClosedScott J-Bar 8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedZoe's Conveyor8:30AM5:00PM
ClosedHarry's & Herman's Conveyor9:00AM4:00PM
Blue CowOpensCloses
ClosedRidge Quad Chair8:30AM4:00PM
ClosedSummit Quad Chair8:30AM4:00PM
ClosedPony Conveyor9:00AM4:15PM
ClosedEarly Starter Double Chair8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedTerminal Quad Chair8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedBrumby T-Bar8:30AM4:15PM
ClosedBlue Cow Ski School Rope Tow9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedPleasant Valley Quad Chair9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedFreedom Quad Chair8:45AM4:00PM
ClosedBlue Cow T-Bar9:00AM4:00PM
ClosedBlue Calf T-Bar8:30AM4:30PM
ClosedCarpark Double Chair8:30AM3:00PM
Tube TownOpensCloses
ClosedTube Town10:00AM4:00PM

This report reflects conditions at the date and time of this report.
Conditions, lifts status and operations subsequent to this report may differ

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Mostly sunny. Fresh NW winds
Top:10.6 ° c
Village:12.1 ° c
Perisher Valley
9km/h | SW
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