Interviews for seasonal positions will be held via Video format “Sonru”. If your application is successful and you are invited to complete a video interview, we will notify you via email with a link to complete your interview. Reviewing interviews is a timely process and your patience during this time is appreciated. All applicants will be contacted as soon as possible after interviews are completed regardless if you are successful or not.


Once you have logged into your interview via the email link and before you commence your interview you will have an opportunity to take part in a practice interview to shake off any of those pre interview nerves. Your interview will include a series of questions and then have an allocated amount of time to answer each question verbally to your phone, tablet or webcam.

Unlike a Skype interview, there isn’t a person asking the questions from another webcam. This means the benefit of using the Sonru application is that you the candidate can complete your interview at a time that is convenient for you anywhere in the world! 

Permanent or Fixed Term positions are interviewed via phone and a face to face format and if you are applying for one of those positions and successful in an interview then the hiring manager will be in contact with you directly. 

Employment Offers:

Successful applicants will have an Employee Profile created and receive an electronic letter of offer containing all details of the position offered. As a successful applicant you are required to either accept or decline your offer by the expiry date. Once an offer is accepted, you will receive further pre-employment onboarding activities sent to your Employee profile via the Talent Centre. Please ensure you complete all activities before the expiry date and keep all your personal details in your profile up to date.

Whats Next:

Once you have accepted your employment offer and completed all required onboarding activities then your main point of contact will be your manager. They will be in contact with you regarding your start date and first day of work. Keep in mind most start dates are snow dependant and we understand you are eager to arrive and get startedas soon as possible. We are waiting just like you for the snow to fall enough for you to get started. If at anytime you are unsure on anything regarding your employment send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of the team will respond to you.

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