Returning Employees

Returning Employees

Our Perisher Employee online portal is all you need to organise yourself in readiness for the new season where you can log in to your employee profile and coordinate everything from your contract to accommodation, all from one location.

Your contract will be available when you log in to your employee profile, and will be backed up by email reminders and activity alerts to remind you of the key tasks you'll need to complete before joining us.

Please take the time to explore, and feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any feedback you might have. We'd particularly like to hear about any vital information you feel is missing, as we plan to continue developing the website to meet your needs.

Log in to your employee profile


Updating Your Information

Your employee profile will contain all the details you entered last year – including details like emergency contacts, superannuation and banking information. Once you've accessed your profile, please check that these details are accurate and up to date.

To update your details, please select "Edit" beside the header "Employee Information" in your profile.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires a tax declaration form to be completed every twelve months for any employee not engaged for a 12-month period. Therefore, if your employment is not ongoing, such as working seasonally for winter only, you will need to complete a tax declaration form each season. You will be issued this if required.

Click here to log in to your employee profile or visit for further information.


You will receive an email notification when your offer letter has been prepared for you or when you have an onboarding activity pending. To access your offer letter and other assigned tasks, employees will be required to log on to their employee profile.

Important: Please be aware of the 'Due Date' on assigned tasks, as failure to e-sign your contract before close of business on the due date may result in your job offer being withdrawn.

Your Previous Performance

At the end of your last season with us, you may remember that your Manager spoke with you about your performance and your plans for the next winter season. Based on this discussion, they would have decided whether a new contract should be offered to you.

All contract offers are generated on the understanding that each winter season's employment is a standalone arrangement. Perisher is under no obligation to re-employ you for any future season – and any future employment is at our discretion.

Offers are generated under the proviso that the employee holds the correct entitlements and visas for working in Australia.

Come back! We've missed you

If you've been invited to return for the winter season, you'll receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. informing you that a contract will shortly be automatically generated. Once that's happened, you'll receive an automated email titled 'Notification of assigned tasks'. The tasks outlined there relate to your contract and other relevant paperwork and information. All you need to do is log on to your employee profile and complete the tasks.

Welcome to Re-apply

When an employee is designated as 'Not Invited' or redirected to an 'Alternate Department' they will not automatically receive a return contract the following season. This can happen if we're unsure of your intentions to return, after changes in Perisher's structure, you have indicated you would like to work in a different department next season or if you're not suited to the position previously held with Perisher.

If you've been informed that you are 'Not Invited' or redirected to an 'Alternate Department', you are welcome to re-apply the following season.  Simply log on to your candidate profile and make an application for any advertised vacancy you're interested in and suitable for and upload your current resume.

Your application will be added to the pool of candidates applying for that position. Should the department manager feel you're suited to the position, they'll complete reference checks and will be in contact with you and potentially offer you a position by generating a letter of offer/contract.

You can watch the progress of your application by logging on and checking the status.

Please note: Returning employees who receive a return contract for the following season will not be required to take part in the official Perisher interview process.

Lift and Skitube Access Passes

We want you to enjoy your free time and make the most of this amazing place.  One of the best perks of working for Perisher is your Staff Lift Pass, which gives you acess to all 47 lifts around the resort as well as discounts at any of our Food, Beverage and Retail outlet stores.

You can organise to collect your pass 2 days before you start employment, which will give you instant access to Skitube. If you still have your pass from previous seasons, this will simply be reactivated and ready to use.   Lift access will only be granted to you prior to your start date once all onboarding task are complete. Likewise, eligible dependent passes (for long-term serving employees – refer to Perisher's Code of Conduct) will only be activated once you have you have completed all onboarding tasks and commenced your first shift or in-house training.

Travelling by Skitube

During peak times and most weekends throughout the season you're required as a Perisher employee to take the Skitube from Bullocks Flat up to Perisher.This opens up a large number of car parking for our guests and ensures we provide an experience of a lifetime to our guests. For some of you this may also be the cheaper option.

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