Perisher Launches EpicPromise Day to Support the Snowy Mountains



EpicPromise was launched for implementation at Perisher by Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz prior to the 2016 season. The EpicPromise initiative is designed to support youth and environmental initiatives in the local areas that Vail Resorts operates in. An important aspect to the program is the EpicPromise day, a company-wide service day that sees employees from across the company help build new trails, restore the environment, revamp local youth organisations, and improve vital river systems. EpicPromise day is something that has been held for the last seven years in all U.S. Vail Resorts with activities centred on the core values of local youth and the environment.

With the Jindabyne Trail Stewardship, Perisher staff collectively worked 570 hours on two trail building and maintenance projects in Jindabyne and Mill Creek, near Tyrolean Village, to further build out the network of bike and walking trails. Over 140 Perisher staff members assisted The Jindabyne Trail Stewardship team and Snowy Monaro Regional Council to maintain and build new shared trails, remove and recycle 13 tonne of concrete to build a staircase at the soccer oval off Park Street, and remove a significant amount of general and green waste from the area. This was all completed on Tuesday 1 November 2016.

“It’s exciting to have Perisher contribute their time to helping us give back to the community. Our hope in building out these trails is that the members of the community can enjoy the beautiful place in which we all live, and explore more of the outdoors. Having activities such as free bike trails available in the Snowy Mountains means that we can continue to encourage healthy and active lifestyles” says Matt Murtagh from Jindabyne Trail Stewardship.

Peter Brulisauer, Perisher’s chief operating officer, says “It’s a great privilege to help the Jindabyne Trail Stewardship build these trails. Perisher staff members will be bringing a great range of skills to this project, in the hope that we can help to progress this project and give back to the community in which we all live. Through EpicPromise, we are so thrilled to be able to contribute and give back to the youth and the environment within the Snowy Mountains community”.

Alannah Dickeson – Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Recreation and Environmental Coordinator commented: “Jindabyne Trail Stewardship is a fantastic organisation to have in our community and have done a wonderful job to date coordinating the construction and maintenance of the trail network in and around Jindabyne. Having Perisher provide this level of support will set the trails up fantastically well for the spring and summer season.”

This was a great event for Perisher staff to come together after the season and be involved in a project that will assist our local community and actively contribute to a great facility for our local youth to utilise.

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