6 March Update - Preparatory Works Have Begun

Concrete truck driving up Mt Perisher

Preparatory works have begun on the Mt Perisher 6 project with the decommissioning of the existing fixed-grip 2-person Mt Perisher Double Chair, which has been a powerhouse for the mountain and will be retired for the 2024 season.   

Demolition will soon begin of the Mt. Perisher Double Chair with the removal of the lift's haul rope in coming weeks. 

We are working on wayfinding signage and special PEAK Snow Day communications suggesting alternative routes around the mountain, such as coming down the mountain on Towers run or pushing to International on busy days.  

It’s important to know that we won’t be losing any downhill capacity so guests will still be able to ski and ride all the same terrain this season while we’re making these upgrades. 

Our thanks and gratitude go to our teams and contractors who have worked incredibly hard to persist in making this project a reality, as well as to those who will work to bring this project to life. 



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