20cm of snow means the V8 is a-go!

Perisher Opening V8 with Banner 2023

14 June 2023

Welcoming the V8 in Style

We are stoked to announce that the Village Eight Express is in the limelight as it makes its debut for the 2023 winter season! Enough snow has fallen to safely operate Front Valley’s prized possession as skiers and boarders hit the high ground and carve their way down on the fresh 20cm of snowfall we had last night. So, bring 6 of your mates and board the Village Eight Express to get the first runs of the season from the top of Front Valley!

Thank you Ski Conveyor 3 

Our hardest working lift so far, Ski Conveyor 3 is still running (in case you were worried) which is great for beginners or first-time skiers and boarders who are still getting the hang of things. We thank you for your patience over the last few days, and whist Ski Conveyor 3 was enjoying being the centre of attention, we understand that it does not quite compare to the mighty V8. We appreciate you making the most of the conditions, no matter what the weather throws at us!

Words from the Perisher General Manager 

Nathan Butterworth, Perisher General Manager shared some words on the exciting news and lead up to the 2023 season: “After a summer of hard work by all the Perisher team, I was delighted to see Mother Nature deliver 20cm of snow overnight which has allowed us to fire up the Village Eight Express and give our dedicated skiers and boarders access to Front Valley for their first turns of the season.”

Lead up to Opening the V8

In lead up to opening the V8, there was a lot of preparation that happened over the last few weeks at Front Valley. Our snowmakers and groomers have been working hard to get the mountain in shape to hold fresh snowfall. The new snow guns have been firing when conditions are just right to create a base layer of snow, and to top up the fresh snowfall we have seen. And with more snowfall in the forecast, our team is working hard to get more lifts and terrain open as soon as safely possible.

More to Come!

At the time of writing, the weather forecast is expecting 40cm of snowfall before the school holidays. If all this snowfall is getting you as excited as us and you haven’t booked your snow holiday, be sure to lock in your lift tickets, rentals, and lessons to guarantee your time on the mountain.

June 21 is your final chance to lock in your Epic Australia Pass for the 2023 season.

We can’t wait to see you at Perisher, the V8 is calling your name!