Gear Swap for a Day at Perisher Snowsport Rentals 

10 July 2024

Whether you're a regular here at Perisher, or if it is your first-time riding with us, you have more than likely wandered into one of our rental stores at some point in your snow journey. Hiring skis and poles, a helmet for the day, or perhaps some outerwear, we have it all to get your snow journey kick started.  

Even if you have your own gear, have you ever thought about picking up a new skill? Buying gear can be an expensive commitment, and if you want to switch the skis for a board, or vice versa, Perisher Snowsport Rentals have you sorted! So, if you're up for the challenge, who not pop into one of our rental stores and see what our team members have on offer to suit your needs. Try something new, who knows, you may be converted to the other side!  

Two sisters, Claudine and Jas, decided to step out of their comfort zones and swap their preferred winter sports for the day. Claudine, an experienced skier, and Jas, a seasoned snowboarder, were up for the challenge, so we captured them at their finest hour giving it a red-hot go. 


Let’s dive into Claudine and Jas’s experience with Perisher Snowsports Rental

Step 1: Boot Fitting 

The first step into sorting your rental gear is to have your boots fitted. Our team at Front Valley Snowsport Rentals helped Claudine and Jas find the perfect boots that felt comfortable, fit correctly, and were going to help them perform at their best. Ensuring your boots are comfy is important if you are going to be riding all day! 


Step 2: Ski and Board Hire

Once the boots are sorted, skis and a snowboard can be assigned. Our team will tinker with the bindings to make sure they are adjusted to your skill set and are safe for the conditions outside. We have a range of performance snowboards and skis if you are after some high-quality gear hire, along with general ski and snowboard hire too. There is no need to fiddle around with waxing and tuning, our skis and boards are prepared and ready to go straight away, saving you the hassle and cost of looking after equipment yourself. 


Step 3: Get out on the Beginner Slopes!  

If you are trying something new for the first time, we recommend heading to Smiggin Holes. Smiggs has the best beginner runs going at Perisher, with flatter terrain, more carpets, and J-Bars on offer. Plus, it's always sunny in Smiggs!  

Claudine and Jas are quite experienced riders, so Front Valley was the perfect option for them. As you would have seen in the video, the girls give it their all and ended up having a ball! At the end of the day, both deciding to stick to their preferred snow sport, which is the beauty of renting! Hiring Snowsports gear is the perfect solution if you want to try something new and don’t want to commit for a full season. But who knows! Renting your next pair of skis or snowboard may lead to getting your own gear!   

Claudien and Jaz


Why Renting at Perisher is Great 

Sometimes, Snowsports gear can feel comfortable on the ground, but not so much on the mountain. That’s why we offer free swap-outs at any three of our Snowsport Rental locations, regardless of where you originally rented from. Drop by any of our three Perisher’s Snowsport Rental locations to swap out your gear at no extra cost. Along with on mountain adjustments, and you can swap your skis for a board, or vice versa if you want to get back to what you’re used to. 


How to Hire Snowsports Gear at Perisher 

All you need to do is book online and in advance, then drop into your chosen pick-up location to collect your gear. Please note, guests must have a valid Mountain Access Card to collect rental gear. We also recommend arriving early if you have a lesson booked as our team take their time to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need before hitting the slopes.