What is a Skitube?

Have you ever heard people chatting about how they caught the Skitube to Perisher to kick off their day of skiing or boarding? More times than not, you have probably just thought ‘I’ll just drive to Perisher’. We want to fill you in on what exactly the Skitube is, where it came from and why not having to step on the accelerator yourself may be the best option for you.

The Skitube is an exclusive railway that connects passengers from Bullocks Flat to the heart of Perisher. The railway was built in 1987 to improve basic access for those who flocked to Perisher during the winter months. The Skitube travels 8.5 km with 6.3 km’s of that journey being underground, taking only 10 minutes to arrive at Perisher from Bullocks Flat.

Why should you catch the Skitube?

Since the start of operation, over 4 million people have ridden the Skitube and for good reasons! Before the Skitube, access to Perisher was a single road that was often affected by wild weather conditions including snow and ice. When these weather conditions kick in and you’re driving to Perisher, chains are often required for all cars that are not 4WD. Those who have had to put chains on their car in the cold would know that it can be an unpleasant experience. This is where the Skitube comes in where you rarely have to worry about wildlife, chains or parking.

Bullocks Flat Terminal is below the snow line which means the road offers fewer hazards.  With free parking you can leave the car for the day or overnight if you’re staying on snow, and simply jump on the Skitube leaving the stress behind.

Aside from these personal benefits and the kids absolutely loving it, the Skitube has been commended as the most efficient and environmentally friendly option to get people to Perisher. In fact, the Skitube has such a minimal impact on the environment it was extended to Blue Cow in 1984.

Still not convinced?

Save the effort for the slopes and choose the easy option of simply hiring and returning your equipment at any of Perisher Snowsports locations, which includes Bullocks Flat. You can hire your equipment online and collect it when you arrive, which means there’s no wasting time waiting around or trashing the car getting equipment in and out. Hiring your equipment at Perisher Snowsports locations means that you can also fix any problem pronto and get back to business on the slopes.

Check out the Skitube timetable on the Perisher website or download the Perisher App to make sure you don’t miss your ride up. If you arrive at Bullocks Flat early make sure you grab a snack before hitting the slopes at Sundance Bakery, and then when you’re heading home, don’t miss Perisher’s renowned ‘Lil Orbits’ donuts for a sneaky little sugar hit.

So we hope this answers your question. The Skitube is easy, quick, environmentally friendly, unique and a safe option of making your ski holiday at Perisher even better!