Perisher's Annual Clean-Up Day

Perisher's Annual Clean-Up Day

Peisher Cleanup day 2015 4

Everyone’s been there; trying to multi-task on the chairlift and everything suddenly goes into slow motion as you watch your ski pole/glove/car keys/cell phone/credit card or drink drop straight into the snow, never to be seen again …or will it?

Each spring, Perisher employees band together with the team from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to clean up the environment around the four resort areas of Perisher.

“It’s great having everyone participate in Perisher’s clean-up day. It allows our employees the opportunity to make an instant positive impact on the mountain and the Kosciuszko National Park that Perisher operates within” says Mark Feeney, Perisher’s Environment Officer.

“Perisher’s mountain operations team conduct multiple “clean-up” days at the end of each winter across all four resort areas. Having all staff and the team from NPWS involved in Perisher’s annual clean-up day is a great team building exercise and it’s amazing to see the difference that we make in just one day” says Andrew Kennedy, Perisher’s Mountain Manager.

80  employees met at  Perisher’s Village Eight Express ready to head onto the mountain that are now a nice shade of green, to clean up any litter left over from the 2015 winter the season.

Perisher employees were provided with garbage bags and gloves to begin the clean-up. The clean-up commenced on Front Valley before heading up to Mid Station under the Perisher Express, Tube Town, Piper Terrain Park, and finished up at Smiggin Holes.

The Perisher clean-up day has been running now for 15 years now and the 2015 event was another great success with 1.3 tonnes of garbage, which is less than any other year.

Some of the findings included ski bindings, broken sunglasses, goggle lenses, and a few stomp pads. Most of the items found are not glamorous with water bottles, tissues, chap sticks as well as a few car keys and phones. 

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