L’Étape Australia

L’Étape Australia


On Saturday 3 December, riders from around the country will descend on the Snowy Mountains to compete in the inaugural L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France.

The ultimate challenge of L’Étape Australia, the Race covers 157km of terrain which includes the difficult Col de Beloka and finishes with the demanding Col de Kosciuszko final climb, taking the route to a peak of 1,735m.

A shorter version of the Race, the Ride is for those who wish to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and experience of L’Étape without the added pressure of the final Col de Kosciuszko climb. At 126km and a peak of 1,300m the Ride is still a significant challenge.


For more information about the Race and the Ride, along with Route Maps and elevation charts - see the official L’Étape Australia website

Perisher will be running the Skitube throughout the day for the event. Below is the timetable

Depart Bullocks Flat Depart Perisher
11:00 11:12
11:30 11:42
12:00 12:12
12:30 12:42
13:00 13:12
13:30 13:42
14:00 14:12
14:30 14:42
15:00 15:12
15:30 15:42
16:00 16:12
16:30 16:42
17:00 17:12
17:30 17:42 – Last Train

We look forward to seeing all the riders, supporters and visitors to the Snowy Mountains for this exciting event. 

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