Freedom Chair

Perisher's  Freedom Quad Chairlift 

Accessing more terrain!

Perisher's newest lift, the Freedom Chairlift has allowed skiers and riders access to terrific groomed runs and top off-piste terrain at Guthega since its construction in 2014.

The $4 million chairlift increased Guthega’s lifting capacity by 46% making it quicker and easier to get around and explore amazing terrain like Karl’s, Schnaxl and Parachute, all the while enjoying incredible views of the main range, and of course the pinnacle, Mt Kosciuszko.

With the capacity to carry 2,400 people per hour, the  Freedom Chair lifts you 200 metres from 1713m to 1913m. Entry gates allow you to track your vertical metres on the Perisher Dashboard.

Our Summer Slope Grooming Team have upgraded trails near the top of the Freedom Chairlift. These improvements have made it easier for skiers and snowboarders to return to Blue Cow (via Blue Cow way), as well as improving access to trails including Parachute, Woodpecker and Wombats Lament.

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