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$4.2 Million Development in New Chairlift and Snowmaking 

We have replaced the existing Leichhardt T-bar with a new quad chairlift! Works carried out over the 2018/2019 summer saw the Leichhardt Quad Chairlift make its Grand Opening on 6 June 2019. The investment also included the installation of additional snowmaking – bringing the total cost of the development to $4.2 million! 

Replacing the Leichhardt T-bar with the new quad chairlift has brought benefits to guests visiting the resort, including:

  • Increasing lifting capacity by a huge 75%, giving guests more time to ski and board popular runs including The Cleft, Powder Ridge, Snowy Trails and the Leichhardt Terrain Park.
  • Replacing the steep, advanced only Leichhardt T-Bar with a user friendly chairlift will open more of the area up for children and beginners.
  • The new chairlift will have the same conveyor load system as the Freedom Quad Chairlift in Guthega, making the loading process easy for all guests.
  • A snowmaking installation from the bottom of Happy Valley T-bar through to the load of the new quad chairlift.

The Process: 

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