Spring Sessions 2022

Spring 2022 is on with slushy vibes firing out here, fast run-ins, soft landings and the all-time favourite time to ride park! 

We’ve got five parks to choose from so there’s something for all levels of progression. Here’s our rundown of what to expect at each this Spring: 

Piper Park 

The go-to if you’re warming up to riding park or out for a mellow cruise. With a creative box line featuring rainbow boxes to extreme wide boxes, it’s the place for fun in the sun. 

Yabby Flat 

Step it up to Yabby Flat to progress your jump game further. With three different sized jump lines, you can test out new tricks on this progression perfect terrain.  

 Yabby flats


Blue Cow Park 

For when you’re craving a Blue Cow jib! Originally created for Interschools and perfect if you want to increase your skill level and accelerate your park game without a crowd.  

 Blue Cow Park


Leichhardt Park 

Ready to take your riding to new heights? Leichhardt jump lines are great to intermediate to advanced Park rats with a two-jump line with an ultimate hip at the bottom. There is also a rail line that has a variety of features that increase in difficulty from Piper.  

Leichhardt Park


Slopestyle Front Valley Park 

If you’re ready to take your park game to the next level, then shoot over to the Slopestyle Terrain Park on Front Valley.  Ride with the pros this Spring, with slushy landings to push your creative flair. To top it off, a rebuild is just around the corner! Stay tuned 😉  

Spring has officially sprung! And we ain’t mad about it! Get ready for a Park szn full of thrill, adrenaline and sending! Don’t forget to tag @PerisherPark for your chance for a repost.  

Happy riding y’all!  

 Slopestyle Terrain Park 

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