Team Volcom comes to Perisher

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"The snowboard scene [in Perisher] is awesome, with the park being so good, most of the uber-pro multi-flip guys are there practicing their acrobatics. Going up the chairlift is similar to a great seat at the X Games, with rider after rider chucking in every which way... The people are radical, you can board it up whichever way you desire, and they speak the same language… Kind of...

At the beginning of the trip I was annoyed by all the stupid sayings, but much like traveling to anywhere else you end up trying to talk the talk just ’cause it’s fun. If you got the means, go check it [Perisher] out. If I were back East [in the U.S.] I’d say this place is wicked awesome, but down under I’d say it’s good as mate!"

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