The PlayStation Half Pipe is ready for action!

 Peirsher Halfpipe Header

Australia’s only half pipe has opened for the 2016 season, right here in Perisher!

As you peer out onto Front Valley, the PlayStation Half Pipe can’t be missed, standing at an impressive 18ft tall, 50ft wide and 300ft long and can be accessed via Sturt T-bar or the Village Eight Express.

The planning stage is weeks in the making, with Perisher’s specially trained Pipe Cutter Matt Adams, working very closely with the snowmakers to ensure that conditions are conducive to what is needed to make the pipe.

Construction can then take another couple of weeks depending on weather, with Matt meticulously building the walls and deck to a specific angle in a specialised grooming cat.

The accessibility of the PlayStation Half Pipe is what Matt prides himself on the most:

“Everyone enjoys riding the pipe here at Perisher. It’s a great size for people who just want to get in there have a go, and also lets our pro athletes train for the upcoming comps!”

So with some of the biggest Aussie and international names in skiing and snowboarding in resort at the moment, don’t be surprised if you’re dropping in beside the likes of Torstein Horgmo or Nate Johnstone!

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