ASAA & Keep Winter Cool

ASAA & Keep Winter Cool

Australian Ski Areas Association (ASAA)

Perisher is a member of the Australian Ski Areas Association which is a non profit organisation which conducts activities that will benefit the Australian snow sports industry and its patrons.
The ASAA has adopted environmental vision and mission statements and has also released a climate change policy to address the long term challenges presented by climate change. Perisher supports the policy and has been guided by its contents in developing its own environmental policies and initiatives.

Keep Winter Cool

Keep Winter Cool is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the relationships between greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and snow conditions. It also provides practical tips on how resorts and individuals can assist in reducing their impact on the environment.

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Here are 10 simple ways to keep winter cool

  1. Reduce energy used for transport
  2. Turn off lights and appliances when at home or on holiday
  3. Purchase energy efficient appliances
  4. Insulate your house or lodge
  5. Cut hot water consumption
  6. Eco-buy
  7. Support renewable energy sources
  8. Plant a tree
  9. Reduce, reuse and recycle
  10. Lead change at your workplace or business

For more information on the Keep Winter Cool Campaign, click here

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