Construction & Development

Construction & Development

Construction and Development

Pre construction

All construction and development that occurs within the resort areas controlled by Perisher must be authorised by the Department of Planning prior to the commencement of works. The assessment process is managed under Part IV of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) and the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (Kosciuszko National Park – Alpine Resorts) 2007.

For all proposed construction works, a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) must accompany each development application. The purpose of an SEE is;

  • To advise the Department of Planning of the proposal;
  • To identify all the environmental issues which have been considered in formulating a proposal and which will be relevant to future decision making and actions;
  • To describe the proposal in sufficient detail to appreciate its environmental implications;
  • To identify environmental best practices which are proposed to be implemented to enhance environmental outcomes and reduce any possible adverse effect; and
  • To assess the likely environmental effects of the proposal as an input into future decision-making.

If relevant approvals are received, environment awareness training and site compliance training is presented to all staff and/or contractors involved with the construction project prior to the works commencing, to ensure environmental issues are well known and are considered on a day to day basis.

During construction

A Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) is a site specific plan that is developed to ensure that the environmental risks of a proposal are properly managed. A draft SEMP is lodged as part of the development application and subject to comments from relevant consent authorities, and once approved becomes a condition of development consent. It outlines, amongst other things, access routes, equipment storage areas and the location of sedimentation containment barriers.

Site environmental inspections are carried out on a regular basis throughout the construction season by Perisher’s Environmental Manager to ensure compliance with the SEMP.

Post construction

Once construction of the proposed works are complete and the site has been stabilised (revegetated), the Approval Authority undertakes a final inspection prior to issuing a final occupancy certificate or a statement of completion of development. Ongoing monitoring of the site continues post construction, consistent with consent conditions and a rehabilitation plan for the site is generally implemented over the following three years.


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