Mt Perisher 6: Project Updates

Mt Perisher 6: Project Updates

Last Updated: 2 April 2024

Follow the progress as we build our brand new high-speed 6-person chairlift, due to open for the 2025 snow season. 

Get ready to take on advanced and intermediate terrain with more reliable, faster, and higher-capacity lifting up our iconic Mt Perisher thanks to a brand new chairlift – the Mt Perisher 6, soon to become Australia's highest lifted point at 2,042m!

2 April

A lot has been happening on Mt. Perisher over the last few weeks!

  • The bulk earthworks required to prepare the construction site for the installation of the new Mt. P 6 lift's Top Station have now been completed, bringing the site down to the necessary grade level for commencement of the next phase of construction.
  • On Friday 22 March, we watched in awe as a Black Hawk helicopter was deployed to retrieve the Mt. Perisher Double Chair's towers from above

6 March 2024


Mt. Perisher 6: By the Numbers

  • 1 new, high-speed detachable chairlift 
  • 5.6 minute ride time to the summit (previously 10 minutes) 
  • 60% increase in chairlift capacity on Mt Perisher 
  • 22% increase in overall lifted capacity in the Mt Perisher precinct 

Project Details

Mt Perisher 6 is a new high-speed 6-person chairlift for Perisher Ski Resort, expected to be ready for use from the 2025 snow season.   

The upgraded lift will improve resort capacity and assist to redistribute skiers across Perisher’s network of 48 lifts across four resort base areas to reduce general lift wait times and improve flow and circulation.   

Key points of the new chairlift include wider rope gauge, better wind performance, and a 5.6-minute ride time (currently 10 min).  

An extra bonus for guests will be the start time of the chair. Resort management have been discussing the lift opening time, which is expected to be 8.30am in 2025. A great positive for skiers and snowboarders.  

The new chairlift will have a faster load and unload at each end facilitating greater circulation and flow of guests around the mountain.   

The multi-year multi-million-dollar project represents a significant investment in the guest experience at Perisher and highlights the continued commitment of Vail Resorts to its Australian operations as part of the Epic Lift Upgrade capital improvement project.  

Information on the NSW Government Planning Portal can be found here.

We can’t wait to celebrate this significant project completion.  

Progress Updates

06 March 2024

Update 1: Decommissioning of the Mt Perisher Double Chair

Preparatory works have begun on the Mt Perisher 6 project with the decommissioning of the existing fixed-grip 2-person Mt Perisher Double Chair, which has been a powerhouse for the mountain and will be retired for the 2024 season.   

Demolition will soon begin of the Mt. Perisher Double Chair with the removal of the lift's haul rope in coming weeks. 

We are working on wayfinding signage and special PEAK Snow Day communications suggesting alternative routes around the mountain, such as coming down the mountain on Towers run or pushing to International on busy days.  

It’s important to know that we won’t be losing any downhill capacity so guests will still be able to ski and ride all the same terrain this season while we’re making these upgrades. 

Our thanks and gratitude go to our teams and contractors who have worked incredibly hard to persist in making this project a reality, as well as to those who will work to bring this project to life.


Managing Mt Perisher in the 2024 season 

While we do not expect significant impact on our guests during the season, we have nevertheless worked on a robust operational plan to reduce any inconvenience, such as: 

  • The Triple will continue to operate. 
  • There will be plenty of wayfinding signage and special PEAK Snow Day information this winter that will provide alternative routes around the mountain. 
    • This includes coming down Burnum Burnum to Sun Valley T-bar or pushing right to Eyre or International T-bars.  
  • Guests can also find real-time operational information and updates via our app, digital message boards around the resort, and on our website.   
  • We will be sharing regular video updates on social media to inform our guests, as well as promoting app usage and digital message signs so guests can harness live lift wait time data to make decisions in-season. Improved lift wait time notifications along upper Towers run will also provide options to ski to alternate lift stations. 
  • An additional queue controller has also been enlisted for the entire season, which will help ensure maximum capacity on the Triple Chair. 
  • There will also be alternative access tracks from the bottom of the Mt Perisher Triple to Leichhardt, additional signage at Crossroads, earlier opening times for the Mt Perisher Triple on peak days. 
  • Additional temporary Food & Beverage options will be added closer to the Mt Perisher Triple for the season and the Powder Inn Restaurant, attached to the Double Chair, will continue to operate to provide food and guest amenities. 

The multi-year, multi-million-dollar project represents a significant investment in the guest experience at Perisher.  

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