Inside Epic Australia - 26 July 2017

Inside Epic Australia - 26 July 2017


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Our Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint By 2030

Everything we do at Vail Resorts is driven by the spectacular natural environments where our employees, guests and communities live, work and play. The environment – and our stakeholders’ passion for it – is our business, and we have a special obligation to protect it.

Today, I’m very proud to announce that our Company will aggressively pursue a comprehensive sustainability commitment, called “Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint.” This ambitious undertaking commits to zero net emissions by 2030, zero waste to landfill by 2030 and zero net operating impact to forests and habitat. 

As a growing global Company so deeply connected to the outdoors, we are making a commitment to address the most pressing global environmental challenge and protect our local communities and natural resources through improved business practices, capital investment and continued environmental stewardship.

Inspired by Whistler Blackcomb’s leadership on this front, we intend to go beyond setting a partial emissions reduction target by executing on a more expansive and ambitious plan. 

Our commitment to reaching this goal is outlined in the details below. To take a closer look, watch our Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint Video

Zero Net Emissions by 2030

We will achieve zero net emissions in our operations by 2030 through the following initiatives:

  • Reducing the Company’s electricity and natural gas use another 15 percent – in addition to the 19 percent already achieved since 2008 – by improving operating practices and investing $25 million in innovative, energy-saving projects, such as low-energy snowmaking equipment, green building design and construction, and more efficient grooming practices and equipment
  • Purchasing 100 percent renewable energy equivalent to the Company’s total electrical energy use and working with utilities and local, regional and national governments to bring more renewable energy to the grids where the Company operates its resorts
  • Investing in programs such as tree planting to offset the use of other types of energy (e.g., gasoline and diesel) 
  • Engaging with our vendors and suppliers to identify and collaborate on opportunities for them to reduce their emissions and environmental impact 
  • Providing our guests with information and opportunities for them to reduce or offset their carbon footprint 
  • Sharing our progress in achieving our Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint goals in an annual sustainability report following the fiscal year ending July 2018, which will follow the Global Reporting Initiative’s standard. As an interim goal, Vail Resorts intends to achieve a 50 percent reduction in its net emissions by 2025, based on 2016 levels. 

Zero Waste to Landfill by 2030

We plan to eliminate waste from our operations with a goal of zero waste to landfill, meaning when waste leaves our resorts, none of it goes to a landfill – 100 percent is diverted to a more sustainable pathway. Currently at a 40 percent waste diversion rate across all of our operations, we have set our sights on an interim target of diverting 50 percent of our waste by 2020. We plan to achieve this goal by:

  • Improving our recycling and composting program 
  • Engaging with vendors to reduce packaging and to source recyclable and compostable products 
  • Working with our local resort communities to increase options for reuse and diversion
  • Increasing awareness and engagement with employees and guests through signage, labeling and training.

Zero Net Operating Impact to Forests and Wildlife Habitat

To protect the spectacular mountain landscapes in which we operate, we commit to the following initiatives:

  • Minimizing or eliminating the impact of any future resort development
  • Planting or restoring an acre of forest for every acre of forest displaced by our operations, with the goal of achieving improved species and age diversity, resulting in healthier, more resilient forests
  • Continuing and expanding Vail Resorts’ existing commitments to partner with and fund local organizations focused on the health of forests, habitat and wildlife. In 2016, for example, the Company contributed more than $1 million to 50 environmental stewardship projects through direct grants, the Company’s $1 guest donation initiative, and the 1% for the Forest commitment, made in partnership with the National Forest Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.

Zero Net Operating Impact to Forests and Wildlife Habitat

At Vail Resorts, respect for the environment is part of who we are and why we have spent more than a decade looking for ways to reduce our energy use and our impact on the environment. This commitment takes our existing efforts a step further by committing to more ambitious, comprehensive goals for limiting our impact. We’re proud to join other global companies leading the way in environmental sustainability and will continue to do our part to preserve the natural environment and resources that are the foundation of our Company and our lives.

I know that every one of our more than 30,000 employees cares deeply about the environment and our iconic mountain resorts. Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint is a commitment to help each of us do the work we love in a way that we can be proud of. Because, at the end of the day, we want people at Vail Resorts who are brave, ambitious and passionate. Getting to Zero by 2030 will require courage, hard work and ingenuity. I hope you will be “all-in” for this effort.


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