Monday Nights - 7:30pm, 18+ years, sponsored by Jack Daniels3031 Station sing Pool headers sq copy

Singles Pool Comp

There's something very character-building about a pool comp. For two reasons:

(1) Pool is a funny one, in which talent seems to come out of thin-air. I mean, sure you were a novice when you were eleven, but somehow - about your eighteenth birthday - it all comes together and you are able to pull-off the near impossible on a pool table - with graceful and effortless ease (almost like it's somehow residual in your DNA) - to the complete and utter surprise of all around, just as-much as the participant. This of course gives the participant a great lesson in acting, as he or she must play-the-part of someone who has achieved nothing-more than what they had anticipated. And:

(2) It's almost a cliché - but the game of Pool is entirely built around confidence. And whilst we can't delve into the effects of alchohol on a platform such-as this - we CAN say that confidence is an amazing thing. Two types of people fail in a pool game, the under-confident and the over-confident. If you develop your confidence to a perfect level - through pool, skiing, snowboarding, talking to the opposite sex and eventually by playing the Singapore differential market - Then happy-days-are-here-to-stay my friend.

Friday Nights - 7:30pm, 18+ years, sponsored by Jack Daniels3031 Station Doubles Pool headers sq

Doubles Pool Comp

Exactly as we stated above, but you can bring a friend or partner to help bask in your respective glory.

We'll see you there!

Live Music - Every Saturday thanks to Jagermeister

Every Saturday night sit back and listen to live music from 7pm with different soloists and acoustic duo’s performing every week. It's totally free with no cover-charge! Or just come in anytime and sit by the fire and relax with some of our fine selection of Australian spirits.

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