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Child Care (6 Months - 3 Years) 

At Perisher, not only will your child be cared for and supervised by our experienced staff members, they will play and make new friends all while at the snow! 

We offer a fun environment where your child can play during your stay and enjoy fun activities facilitated by our experienced staff, with indoor and outdoor options. Our staff encourage children to participate but, always ensure appropriate rest time. 

Would your little one (2+ years) like to try skiing? We have 1 hour "Little Stars" lessons available as an add-on inclusive of our child care program where skis, boots and helmets are included. "Little Stars" can only be purchased in resort and is subject to availability. 

Some Important Things To Know:

  • Child Care is located in the Discovery Kids centre in Perisher Valley.
  • Check-in time is from 8:30am. Pick up time is until 3:30pm.
  • Spaces for child care are limited therefore advanced bookings are required. 
  • Lunch is included, however, if your child has special dietary requirements, or not on solid foods, we recommended that parents/carers provide food & beverages required. These items should be clearly labelled with any relevant information. 

What to bring:

  • Pre-prepared bottles of formula or milk.
  • Your child’s favourite toy, rug, dummy or whatever they need to keep them happy!
  • Nappies/pull-ups and wipes . 
  • Waterproof clothing and waterproof shoes.
  • Gloves and hat/ beanie.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses or goggles.
  • A full change of clothes. 
  • Medical details. If applicable. 
  • Contact details. 

 We would be delighted to have your children join our intimate day care centre. Bookings are limited, hurry book your child in today! 

If your child has specific food, allergy or medical requirements, please see the information below;

Food Requirements & Anaphylactic Conditions

Does your child have any specific food requirements or anaphylactic conditions?
If so, please provide your child with snacks and lunch. We are able to cater for basic food allergies and dietary requirements, however it should be noted that traces of nuts or other allergens may be present in some foods that we provide.

Allergies & Medication

If your child requires medication, has an allergy, or is at risk of an anaphylactic reaction, please bring a copy of their management plan & any necessary medication to ensure they’re well looked after. All children diagnosed or at risk of anaphylaxis or allergies must have an approved action plan signed by a doctor.

Adrenaline kits must be signed into with Perisher including devices, any prescribed antihistamine, a signed action plan and a permanent marker in a thermal bag secured to the child.
Please keep in mind that we may refuse entry for your child if you have not provided a complete action plan signed by a doctor.

We value your child’s safety and health and want to ensure they have a great snow holiday with us! If any medication is required to be administered to your child, we kindly ask that you return to the centre when the medication has to be administered.

By law, anyone who is untrained in the administration of epipens and/or any other medications is unable to administer them to guests.

Tickets, Lessons & Rental
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