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Perisher Snowsport
Perisher Snowsport Lessons

Benefits of Perisher Lessons:

  • Maximise your learning experience!
  • Discover the excitement of what our four mountains have to offer
  • Relax knowing that we have your needs covered!
  • A safe learning experience from beginner to expert - there's something for everyone!

Early Bird Private Lesson - SPECIAL

True luxury is experiencing the mountain at your own pace, and having someone there every step of the way. Private Lessons are Perisher’s best way to improve and explore the mountain.

Looking to touch up on your technique? The Early Bird Private Lesson - SPECIAL is a great way to explore while learning from one of our world class instructors.

The Early Bird Private Lesson special:

  • Starts at 8:30am at Blue Cow.
  • Is exclusive to Blue Cow and only Blue Cow instructors are allocated to the lesson.
  • Available for both recreational skiers and snowboarders.

Please note: Instructor requests are not available and there is no race training available.

A valid lift ticket is required


Tickets, Lessons & Hire
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Perisher Valley
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