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Meet our Winter Sports Club Team!

Meet AJ Jones, Winter Sports Club Manager
Since 2003, AJ has been on board with the Perisher Winter Sports Club.With full teaching and coaching qualifications (PSIA and USSA) since 1998, AJ provides a wealth of both technical ability and on snow knowledge. When the Australian season finishes, AJ works at Beaver Creek and has been residing there for the Northern winters since 2000. We are extremely privileged to have AJ on board as our Winter Sports Club Manager.

Mogul Coaches
Josh Himbury
Perisher's Mogul Team Coach & FIS Teams Program Leader

Josh HimburyServing on the Perisher team since 2011, Josh has been with the WSC that entire time. He is a past WSC mogul athlete that grew up in the club and has helped to give back through his coaching.

Josh has created quite a following with all kids that he comes in contact with and has really connected with the WSC mogul athlete. Josh has also spent time coaching and competing in North America over the years and has found himself in Colorado, USA the last few winters. Josh has also worked through his Australian instructor levels over the years.

Georgie Leel
Perisher's Mogul Team Coach & Youth Teams Program Leader

Georgie LeelGeorgie has been a Perisher staff member since 2002 and has been a keystone of the WSC mogul programs over the years. During that time, Georgie has worked with a multitude of different athletes and inspired them to achieve great results in skiing.

She has developed long lasting athlete relationships during this time and also created quite the following. Georgie spends her northern winters in Colorado, USA. She is also a product of the Australian Instructor and coaching systems while serving as an Examiner as well.

Sean Andrews
Perisher's Mogul Team Coach

Sean AndrewsSince 2003, Sean has called Perisher home. During his time here, he has worked in a few different locations while creating a wide variety of experiences.

He has worked with the mogul teams for many years now and has shown great commitment to the athletes that he gets to work with. Sean also works overseas in Japan during the northern winters. Sean has attained his levels through the Australian instructor and coaching systems.

Eliza Graham
Perisher's Mogul Team Coach

Eliza GrahamWorking in Perisher since 2008, Eliza has been a key member to the success of the WSC mogul teams. She has showed great commitment to athlete progress and also helping to guide them in the right direction.

Being a past mogul athlete herself, Eliza brings with her the knowledge and experience to help athletes learn what it takes to be successful at a high level. She has attained her instructor certification levels over the years through the Australian systems. Eliza works in an elite mogul training program overseas in Colorado when not coaching for the WSC. She also serves as a local physio.

Ben Chapman
Perisher's Mogul Team Coach

Ben ChapmanServing on the Perisher team since 2009, Ben has worked in and out of the Snowsports School and joined WSC in 2015. He brings to the team a wealth of experience as a past mogul athlete as well the skill improvement focusses that a highly qualified instructor brings to the team. Ben has worked overseas in Canada for multiple seasons. He has attained his instructor levels over the years through his involvement with APSI.

Alycia Nix
Perisher's Mogul Team Coach

Alycia NIXJoining the Perisher team in 2015, Alycia came straight to work in the WSC. She created quite the following in her couple of years, with her athletes and ended up having very strong results at high level competitions. Alycia's success in this area are due in large part to her experiences of being a recently retired mogul athlete herself. Alycia spent some time in the Canadian instructing system overseas. We look forward to having Alycia continue her very positive effects on WSC athletes of all levels and abilities, for many years to come.

Freeski Coaches
Leon Tarbotton
Perisher's Freeski Team Head Coach

LeonLeon has been working in Perisher since 2007. During his time here, he has shown a versatility of skills and commitment to athletes for a number of years in the WSC and Snowsports School.

Leon worked with the Freeski teams for the past few seasons and will also be returning back into his head coach role. We plan on using Leon's strong skillset again with the Full-Time Team for the season. We are very privileged to have Leon working in this program as he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team from his APSI and SSA Instructing and Coaching backgrounds.

Luke Juergensen
Perisher's Freeski Team Coach

Luke is joining us for another year in the Perisher Winter Sports Club. He brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Having recently served as a Freeski Team Head Coach in Canada, SSA Aerials/Ski coach in the USA and also teaching and coaching in Japan, Luke provides a safe and impactful training experience for all athletes that he works with.

Luke has worked with multiple athletes over the years within Australia and also serves as a trampoline coach in his time outside of skiing. We look forward to having Luke share his knowledge and expertise with the team from his multiple Canadian Freestyle certifications and New Zealand Instructing certificates.

Hayden Arscott
Perisher's Freeski Team Coach

Hayden ArscottHayden is joining us for his second year in the Perisher Winter Sports Club. He has mostly worked in the Perisher Snowsports School since 2013. Hayden also coached our Sunday programs for a number of years before stepping into the Freeski Comp Teams last year. He is a very knowledgeable and passionate coach within the discipline and really connects with his athletes.

Hayden spends his northern winters in Breckenridge, USA and most recently was involved as a coach in our Breckenridge Holiday Program through the Perisher Winter Sports Club this past January. Hayden carries American certifications in both PSIA (instructing) and USSA (coaching). We look forward to hearing some great stories of his coaching of the groms this season.

Snowboard Coaches
Stan Wu
Perisher's Snowboard Team Head Coach

Stan WuNew to the team for 2017, Stan comes from the USA where he has had a wealth of experience in a multitude of positions within the industry. He holds American credentials with an AASI level 3 full certification and also a level 300 USSA coaching certification.

Stan is coming fresh off the Colorado season where he was working for a high performance club and also served as a trainer in Beaver Creek. He has previously served as the Snowboard Teams Head Coach at Northstar, in Lake Tahoe for quite a few years. He has also worked in NZ and Australia previously. I think he will bring a wealth of knowledge to our club and strong leadership. Please welcome Stan to our coaching team for 2017.
Jason Clauscen
Perisher's Snowboard Cross Team Coach & Program Leader

Jason ClauscenPerisher staff member since 2013, Jason has a great presence with the staff and athletes alike. He has forged some great relationships through his elite coaching over the past few years in the club and has even coached for SSA at the Youth Olympic Games overseas in 2016. Jason has an extensive background in the Australian instruction system and served previously as the APSI Snowboard Technical Director for many years. Jason's main strength in coaching falls in the Snowboard Cross discipline.

Luka Dasovic
Perisher's Snowboard Cross Team Coach

LukaHaving been with Perisher since 2010, Luka has served in a variety of different instructing and coaching roles. He is also a past member of the Slovenian National Team for snowboard instruction.

Luka is a very versatile coach and has worked with many different athletes over the years. He will be joining in with the Snowboard Cross athletes again this year. 

Sean MacPhee
Perisher's Snowboard Slopestyle/Pipe Team Coach

Sean MacPheeSean has worked in Perisher since 2011 in both instructing and coaching capacities. He is also a product of the Australian instruction system where he has attained his levels of certification. Sean is a strong rider in a multitude of areas and will be working with our Slopestyle and Halfpipe athletes this season.

Steve McGill
Perisher's Snowboard Team Scots Academy Coach

Steve McGill Steve has been with Perisher since 2010 and served in a variety of roles from instructor, trainer and coach during that time.He has created quite a following over the years and has also worked with a number of different athletes. He has worked with our Scots Winter Program for the last couple of years working in all disciplines.

James Barbe-Winter
Perisher's Snowboard Team Coach

James B WinterHaving been with Perisher since 2009 and with the WSC the last couple of years, James has served in a variety of different instructing and coaching roles. He has done a great job in molding his kids into knowledgeable and capable athletes.He is a member of the APSI and has worked his way through the instructing certification process through the years.

Aaron Handford
Perisher's Snowboard Team Coach

AaronWorking in Perisher since 2012, Aaron has done an extraordinary job in the Snowsports School of providing exceptional experiences for all that he encounters. We welcome him back again this season to continue his work with the Part Time Teams. Aaron is a member of the APSI and has also worked his way through the instructing certification process over the years. He has also worked on his coaching credentials through SSA.

Karsten Gatzka
Perisher's Snowboard Cross Team Coach

Karsten GatzkaKarsten is new to the Winter Sports Club for 2017. He has worked in the Perisher Snowsports School since 2016 and possesses certifications from the Austrian instructing system. He also spends the northern winters in Austria coaching, supervising and instructing and is currently working through his BSPA coaching qualifications.

Karsten has a strong background in SBX and will make a significant impact on the program this season. We are looking forward to seeing him create a following in the club.
David Parr
Perisher's Snowboard "SSA Emerging Talent Park & Pipe Team" Coach

David ParrDavid started working for the Perisher Winter Sports Club in 2016 and specifically spent time with pre-selected athletes from the "SSA Emerging Talent Park & Pipe Team". David brings a diverse knowledge base within the snowboarding world as well as elite trampoline and acrobatic coaching experience. With the program deemed successful in its inaugural year, David is headed back for another full season of coaching this team.

David possesses Canadian instructing credentials from CASI and various other coaching credentials. We look forward to seeing David further the talent levels of all kids within this program.
Alpine and Ski Cross Coaches
Stephen Edwards
Perisher's Alpine  & Ski Cross Programs Head Coach

Stephen EdwardsStephen is our resident British coach, heading up Perisher's Alpine Teams. With full coaching certifications (including being a FIS International World Cup Accredited Coach), Stephen brings with him an elite standard of experience and knowledge. He has also had past experiences as a national team coach at the World Cup Level and coached athletes to past Olympics and World Championships. Having been on the British National Alpine Ski Team and competed in the 1992 Winter Olympic Games, our Alpine athletes are in the best of hands to progress their ski racing careers. Stephen has been coaching for just about 25 years and has called Perisher home since 2011.

Jan Vokaty
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach & U/16 – U/14 Program Leader

Jan Vokaty Jan rejoins the Alpine Teams this season as the Program Leader for the U/16 & U/14 groups. With past supervisor and trainer experience in the Snowsports School, coaching FIS, as well as heading up our Interschools training program, Jan is sure to move the direction of children’s racing in Perisher in a positive direction.

He truly brings an incredible amount of racing and coaching experience from all over the globe (has worked in the ski industry on 4 continents). Jan carries with him full Czech instructor certifications as well as coaching credentials from the USA and New Zealand.

Matt Williams
Perisher's Ski Cross Team Coach & Program Leader

Matt Williams Matt is one of the most versatile members on the team and has proved himself time and time again coaching ski-cross and alpine racing, all while working in our race department. Matt started work in the Perisher Snowsports School in 2013 and made his debut with the WSC in 2014. He has created quite the following over the years and will continue to do so in his expanded capacity as the Ski Cross Teams Program Leader. Matt carries a ton of knowledge and certifications from the Canadian systems of instructing and coaching.

Simone Calissano
Perisher's Alpine FIS Team Coach & FIS Program Leader

Simone Callisano 2Since 2013, Simone has been a member of the Perisher Snowsports Team and eventually the WSC Alpine Team. Simone will be returning for another season with the teams and brings some more knowledge and expertise along with him.He will be stepping up into the Program Leader position for FIS this season and helping to guide all of our elite athletes down the pathway to success. 

Simone works overseas in Italy and France coaching FIS.He is fully certified in the Italian instructing and coaching systems and also has had a good amount of racing experience growing up.

Lena-May Peraudo
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach & U12 - U/10 Program Leader

Lena May PeraudoLena has worked in the Perisher Winter Sports Club as an Alpine Coach since 2013. She works tirelessly to make sure that every athlete is pushing themselves to their absolute best. She brings a wealth of coaching knowledge from her overseas experiences in France and Italy as well as her time spent as an alpine athlete herself.

She carries full Italian certifications in instruction and coaching. She has been a key component of previous years' successes within the WSC Alpine Teams. She will also be joining the leadership team with looking after the vision and direction of the U/12 and U/10 programs.

Alice Arzuffi
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

Alice ArzuffiAlice has been working for Perisher Snowsports and WSC since 2013. She has provided some excellent coaching to athletes during her time with the WSC alpine teams and returns to us with another season of coaching in Europe under her belt.

Alice possesses a full Italian instructing and coaching certificate while bringing some great knowledge to the Alpine Teams. She is also a very accomplished physio and helps out wherever she can with a bit of a different perspective from most others.

Fabio Vottero
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

Fabio VotteroFabio first worked with the Perisher Snowsports Team in 2015 and also coaching with the WSC Alpine Teams from 2016. He brings extensive knowledge of ski racing and served as a past Italian FIS athlete who raced in many different countries. He is fully certified in the Italian instructing system and also has attained a national level coaching certificate as well. Fabio works in Italy and France overseas and spends time with elite athletes over there.

Roberta Sarti
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

RobertaRoberta first worked with the Perisher Snowsports Team in 2015 and also coaching with since the WSC Alpine Teams for 2016. She has a wealth of past racing experience where she even landed on the FIS podium on a few different occasions. She has taught, raced and coached skiing on a few different continents to add to her portfolio. She is fully certified in the Italian instructing system and also has attained a national level coaching certificate as well. She currently spends her time coaching overseas in Italy and France.

Bobbi Kelly
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

Bobbi KellyBobbi has been working with the WSC Alpine Teams as a coach since 2015. She grew up in the Perisher WSC from a young age and we have been privileged to have her pass on her years' of knowledge and experience to WSC kids. She has completed certificates in instructing and coaching through SSA and the Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors associations. She also has recently spent time coaching overseas in France.

Charlee Kelly
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

CharleeCoaching the Alpine Teams since 2015 Charlee brings a wealth of experience to the kids in WSC. She is also a previous member of the PWSC and enjoys sharing knowledge of ski racing with the youngsters. She is certified by the APSI, SSA and has participated in overseas training programs in Europe. She has most recently spent a season working in Canada and even spent a bit of time with the Lake Louise World Cup crew.

Paolo Ferrari
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

Paolo Ferrari 2Paolo rejoins the WSC Alpine Teams for 2016. With a wealth of knowledge in ski racing and having had some top jobs in technical correspondence and elite ski preperations and care at the World Cup level, he truly brings strength to the teams. He also has a full Italian instructing certification and coaching levels.

Paolo will be coaching with the children's teams this season where he will be working with our full time athletes day in and day out. Having a wealth of knowledge from his time and experiences over in Europe, he will have a significant impact on all the athletes that he works with.

Urban Kupec
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

UrbanUrban will be returning to the WSC Alpine Teams again this season. He created a strong following with some of the athletes since starting to coach in the club back in 2015 and we look forward to seeing those relationships and training focusses continue. Urban brings with him a ton of race event experience from his time spent with Alpine World Cup events in Slovenia. He possesses Slovenian certifications in coaching and instructing.

Richard Stewart
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

RichieSince 2014, Richard has called Perisher home as a staff member of the Snowsports School as well as the WSC. He will be coaching one of our Part Time Teams this season and passing on his experiences from PWSC as a previous alpine athlete. Richard is a certified member of the APSI and has achieved a coaching certification from SSA. He has most recently been working with some athletes over in Canada this past season.

Gabriele Minghetti
Perisher's Alpine Scots Academy Team Coach

Gabriele MinghettiiiGabriele will be joining us for the first time in 2017 with the Alpine Teams and specifically the Scots Winter Academy. He is a past International FIS racer who formulated a solid base to take his skiing all around the world with competitions and work. He has spent the last few seasons working in the USA at Beaver Creek, Switzerland and most recently in Japan.

Gabriele is one of the strongest skiers we have on our team and formulates great relationships with the kids. He carries with him certifications from the Swiss system and also the USA.
Vasileios Dimitriadis
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

Vasilios Dimitriadis.jpgjpgVasileios, will be joining us for the first time in 2017 as a WSC Alpine Coach. He brings an incredible amount of elite racing experience with him to the team. He was an accomplished FIS racer who took his skiing all the way to the World Cup, World Championship and Olympic levels. This included 8 starts at 4 Olympic Games and 14 starts at 7 World Championships.

Vasileios has also served in various coaching and head coaching roles over the years. This includes being the multi-year Head Coach of the National Team for the Hellenic Ski Federation. He has also served in many capacities as a physical fitness trainer and implementing programs for athletes. He has a diploma from ENSA in Alpine Ski Coaching. We are very much looking forward to getting Vasileios interacting with as many athletes as possible in the club this season.
Ash Breese
Perisher's Alpine Team Coach

Ash BreeseAsh will be joining the WSC Alpine Teams for the first time this year. He is actually a past WSC athlete who has converted into a coach and instructor over the last couple of years. He presents a very solid picture of elite technique on the hill.

Ash currently works overseas in France and carries instructor and coaching certifications from the British system (BASI).
Interschools Competition Team Coaches
Robert Buchanan
Perisher's Interschools Competition Team Coach

Robert BuchananRobert is joining us for his first year in the Perisher Winter Sports Club. He has been working for the Perisher Snowsports School since 2016 and carries with him full instructing credentials from the British system (BASI). He has also worked hard to acquire his BASI alpine and freestyle coaching certificates to provide versatility in all regards of his coaching and teaching. He will be an asset to this team and will provide a well-rounded experience for all participants he works with.

Steffan Shaw
Perisher's Interschools Competition Team Coach

Steffan is joining us for his first year in the Perisher Winter Sports Club, but has worked in the Perisher Snowsports School since 2016. He grew up a ski cross competitor, while formulating a great fundamental base of skills. He has applied those skills, while training himself up in other disciplines and acquired his Canadian certification levels for instructing. Steffan has a wealth of understanding within the sport and is a very versatile skier / coach. He will create a strong following with the kids in this program while providing some amazing experiences for all.

Masters Coaches
Luke Riddle
Perisher's Race Masters Team Coach

RiddleLuke has been a staple in the Race Masters program over the years and will continue on again this season. He provides a solid technical understanding of the sport and creates exceptional experiences for all he spends time with. Luke has worked in Perisher since 2011 with both the Snowsports School and Winter Sports Club. Luke has acquired his certifications over the years in the British system and specifically from BASI. He has many years’ experience teaching and coaching overseas in France.

Peter Hillman
Perisher's Race Masters Team Coach

Peter HillmanPeter has worked in the Perisher Snowsports School since 2002 where he has spent numerous seasons teaching skiing. He will be joining up with the Race Masters team again in 2017 and coaching up some of our participants. He knows the resort through and through and will create some great opportunities for trainee improvement. Peter has acquired his teaching certifications through the Australian system (APSI) and also works the Northern Hemisphere winters in Japan.


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