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Join Perisher's Alpine & Ski Cross Team!

Our alpine & ski cross programs are designed for athletes who strive to reach elite levels, the program aims to develop the skills necessary to successfully compete in high level races. A focus on free skiing on variable terrain, developing race techniques and improving skills will set the foundation for athletic skiing.

We have a great team of talented alpine coaches working with our young athletes; they are highly qualified and bring out the best in your child’s ski racing development, whilst having fun in a safe environment. Our coaches will determine training groups by age, during the skill testing held at the beginning of the program.

During the season, you will find updates about all training programs in our WSC Weekly Planner.

We recommend that athletes planning to attend Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA) children’s events participate in the SSA National Skills Assessment

Part Time Team                                                    8+ Years 

This program is designed to improve technique, performance and fundamental skiing skills with an alpine competition focus. Training will concentrate on all mountain, technical free skiing which will set the foundation for competing in giant slalom, slalom and ski cross disciplines. Athletes joining this program must be able to ski all terrain in a parallel stance.

Training Schedule Overview

The program is scheduled to start on Saturday 29 June until 8 September 2019 and will include selected training days during two (2) weeks of NSW school holidays (8-12, 15-19 July), Saturday and Sundays and NSW State Interschools. An additional training block is available for additional purchase during NSW private school holidays (2-5 July). 

For those seeking fulltime coaching and athlete support we recommend the full time team program.

Full Time Team                                                   11+ Years 

The alpine full time team is for the confident and dedicated alpine ski athlete who is determined to develop elite skills and seeks to compete at a high alpine competition level. Successful race preparation will include all mountain, technical free skiing, giant slalom, slalom and ski cross training on dedicated race courses. Physical fitness and conditioning is a vital part of a successful training regime and will be encouraged by our coaches.

Training Schedule Overview

The program is scheduled to start on Saturday 29 June until 8 September 2019 and typically will include five (5) training days per week (weekends + 3 midweek days). Support during key events plus all three (3) weeks of NSW school holidays (1-5, 8-12, 15-19 July) are incorporated in the training regime.

Please note that we are unable to provide training credits for any days lost due to extreme weather events.

Required Equipment
  • Please note, hard eared helmets are compulsory for Giant Slalom and you must have the approved FIS sticker on the back of it. This is something that is required for all SSA, FIS and Child athletes competing in any SSA sanctioned events.
  • It is compulsory policy for athletes to wear back protectors whilst training and racing for the Perisher Winter Sport Club.
  • Athletes in all Alpine Programs will also require shin guards to train Slalom. If training full gates (instead of child Hero Gates), you require pole guards and a chin guard for your helmet.
  • All Child and FIS athletes competing in SSA sanctioned events are subject to minimum ski lengths and minimum ski radiuses. If you have questions regarding the rules, please view them on the SSA website or contact the PWSC office.
Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA) Skills Test 

Ski and Snowboard Australia (SSA) will host the National Skills Assessment at Perisher (Date TBC). Athletes will be challenged to complete a series of tasks which will help to identify athlete’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Athletes will be better prepared going into the season knowing their Skills Assessment scores and will be rewarded by athletic success when focusing on skill acquisitions.  

Please register  as it is not part of the PWSC programming or on a scheduled weekend.

If you want to participate in SSA events this season, you will need a SSA racing license to participate in all sanctioned Children’s and FIS events (FIS license). If you wish to become a member of SSA or purchase a race license, please visit their website.

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