Do a snow dance with us!

October Snowfall

23 July 2022 - Do a snow dance with us!

We’ve got all our fingers and toes crossed and the whole team is doing a snow dance as the forecast calls for 20cm of fresh snow incoming in the next 7 days! 

That’s not the only kind of dancing we’ll be doing this week as the events calendar is stacked with live music and dance parties – whatever tickles your fancy.  

Check out what’s in store this week: 

  • Julian James and the Moonshine State 
  • Guitar Case Troubadours  
  • First Tracks – every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am  
  • Fireworks – every Wednesday and Saturday from 6pm 
  • Neon Night Skiing and Boarding – every Tuesday and Saturday from 6pm 
  • Pete Murray 
  • The Kenny’s 
  • Ministry of Sound Reunion 
  • The Dreggs Show 
  • Austin Mackay  
  • Frenzal Rhomb  

Bop, pop and drop with us and relive these memories of the season’s best moments so far. Winter will be over before you know it! It’s time to book your lift tickets, lessons, rentals and Skitube online today.  

Check out the awesome conditions below.