Celebrating 50 Years at Perisher

Celebrating 50 Years at Perisher


This year Perisher is very proud to join with Christian Keller and Franz Pichler to celebrate their 50 years of ski instructing at Perisher.

For Christian and Franz, their lives and careers are all about sharing their infectious positive energy and immense love of skiing. They are experts at helping their clients discover the pure enjoyment of skiing in any conditions and having a blast!

Christian and Franz have given us a peek into their lives; they will become the envy of anyone who loves year-round winters. They are the embodiment that age is no barrier to loving skiing , or life.

Moving from Europe to Australia was a big cultural change for both Christian and Franz. However to this day, they both still feel excited when they arrive at Perisher, see the mountain views and get ready to share their love of skiing with their clients.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Christian and Franz, please allow us to do the honours…

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