It's more than just learning to ski

It's more than just learning to ski


When does a ski instructor become more than a ski instructor? When he becomes a friend, a shoulder to cry on when your legs just can’t go any further, and someone who wants to share the magic of exploring Perisher.

That’s exactly the story behind 8-year-old Zali and her instructor Garth.

Garth started at Perisher back in 2002 and has been with Zali since she first strapped on her skis at just 4-years-old and ever since then, every winter, they go on adventures together. Adventures that both Garth and Zali won’t ever forget and will always share together.

“I have seen her laugh (a lot!), I have seen her cry, but most of all I have seen her grow up over the past 4 years and turn into not only a strong and graceful skier.”

So what are you waiting for? No matter what your age, you’re never too old (or young!) to explore Perisher. Be it with an instructor just like Garth, or alongside your family and friends, there is a whole backyard awaiting your tracks, all you have to do is strap on your skis or board and create some unforgettable memories

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