Perisher Now

From bluebirds to blizzards...all in May!

7 May 2023 It’s a Winter wonderland today at Perisher, with snow falling all the way down to Jindabyne throughout the day 😍 We’ve seen 10 cm blanket the resort in th...

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Perisher Skitube has had a makeover!

5 May 2023 The once blue and white train that you have come to know and love has been given a new lease on life by local artist Mike Shankster and international artist Arina Apostolo...

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Freezin' season has arrived at Perisher 🥶

4 May 2023 It's a bluebird day at Perisher after a night of fresh snow fall and sub-zero temps. We've seen 15cm blanket the mountain since Wednesday morning, with more snow forecaste...

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Who needs chocolate when you can have SNOW! 🍫❄

9 April 2023 We asked and he delivered…the Easter Bunny has brought us an extra special treat this year…SNOW! With temperatures at a chilly 1°, Perisher received a light dusting overnigh...

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There’s still time for one last snow trip!

29 September 2022 - There's still time for one last snow trip! The countdown is on to closing day on Monday 3 October, and our final prayers may be answered with snow flurries in the...

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1 week to go! Let’s make the most of it!

26 September 2022 - The countdown is on! Join us on the slopes for some Spring fun before closing day on Monday 3rd October. Can you believe it’s the end of September?! It does...

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Another 30cm overnight, 65cm storm total! ❄️

19 September 2022 - Another 30cm overnight, 65cm storm total! ❄️ Is it really spring? It sure feels like mid-winter to us! We’ve had another 30cm of...

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Storm upgrade – up to 60cm incoming! ❄️

14 September 2022 - Storm upgrade – up to 60cm incoming! ❄️ Did you hear? There’s a public holiday coming up next Thursday so why not treat yourself to a sneaky 4...

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Australian Junior Freeride Championships

13 September 2022 - Australian Junior Freeride Championships The Australian Junior Freeride Championships went off with a bang! Our junior Skiers and Snowboarders competed for the Au...

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