Vail Resorts EpicPromise Grant Program

Company Information

Name of Nonprofit Organisation
Mission and purpose of the Organisation
Please list any relevant statistics including number of people served, etc.
In which Vail Resorts funding area(s) is this request?
First Name
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Phone Number
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Application Information

Project Title
Requested Cash Contribution
Please list dollar amount
Requested In-Kind Product Donation
Please list items, quantities needed and intended use.
  • Examples: items that can be used to raise money through auction such as lift tickets,. OR items that will go directly to serve the mission of the organisation such as lift ticket for participants, donation of food and beverage services or Vail Resorts employee time.
  • Please be specific with quantity needed and when it will be used.
  • If you are requesting an In-Kind item(s) for a fundraising event, please be sure to share the name of the event, date and event webpage for more information.
Timeline of Intended Donation Use
In which Vail Resorts geographical giving area do you serve?
Briefly describe the overall project or activity that is seeking support.
  • Discuss the challenge, community need and demographics.
  • Please address the targeted beneficiaries. Who will benefit, and what numbers will be served?
  • How will the contribution specifically be used?
  • What are the projected results?
No more than 500 words.
Do you have any Vail Resorts employees on your Board or Advisory Committees? If yes, please list.
To this application, please attach
  • Registration as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
  • Current organisational budget vs. actual to date
  • Current Board Member list
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