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Want to test out new ski and snowboard equipment at Perisher before you buy? 

The Perisher Sports Demo Centre is the place for you! Test the latest in ski and snowboard equipment from some the world’s best manufacturers, right here in Perisher.   

Drop into the Perisher Valley store to check out the newest skis and snowboards on the market. Our knowledgeable staff will provide expert advice on the best gear for you. 

Best brands on offer to try out!

Volkl Skis


M6 Mantra

Mantra M6

If you are looking for the one ski that you can take everywhere, the Mantra has always been amongst the chosen few. The Mantra M6 is even more versatile than its predecessor and once again offers maximum fun!

Kendo 88

Volk Kendo88

With 88 mm under the boot, the Kendo delivers impressive carving performance thanks to the three different radii in the sidecut. These enable precise power transmission, uncompromising liveliness and optimum turning behaviour such as never before experienced with Titanal skis.The Kendo 88 is also built with a Titanal frame and carbon tips, providing more stability and impressive damping .As a result the ski offers an extremely lively yet smooth ride, even at high speeds.

Mantra 102

Mantra 102 skis

Freeriding power with plenty of extras. With a 102 mm waist, the Mantra 102 is clearly at home off as well as on the piste. Aside from its impressive off-piste performance, the Mantra 102 is a really versatile on-piste freerider. Its new geometry with 3D Radius Sidecut and a centre radius reduced by a metre to 19 m not only places the ski in our All Mountain collection, it also enables it to be used absolutely anywhere.


Kenja 88

Volk Kenja88

The Kenja features a 88mm waist, moderate taper in the tip, and the added maneuverability of tip and tail rocker. These design elements create easier, more playful handling, while maintaining the edge grip, stability, and frontside performance that have made it one of the most popular all mountain skis on the market.

Yumi 84

Volk Yumi

The strength of the Yumi has always been the huge range of skiers’ abilities who could enjoy it, and the lively, yet stable feel on the front side blended with the float and maneuverability for an occasional off piste ramble make it a great ski. It features tip and tail rocker, full sidewall construction, and moderate taper in the tip.

Secret 96

Secret 96

Sensational all-mountain ski ready for everything you want to send it down! The 2024 Volkl Secret 96 again comes with a multi-layer wood core and tip and tail rocker and the 3D radius sidecut with a tailored Titanal frame. By adapting the Titanal components to the various ski lengths and thus to the skier’s proportions, not only can the tip and tail ends be weight-optimized, but the torsional stiffness can also be influenced, thereby improving the ride qualities.


Racetiger RC

Volk RacetigerSC

The Racetiger RC with tip rocker allows super-sporty long turns with lots of riding comfort. This fantastic combination is made possible by the integration of the UVO 3D, 3D.Glass, Powered by Steel and sidecuts with carefully aligned flex and tip geometries.

Deacon 84

Volk Deacon84

The Deacon 84 skis as well on icy slopes as on fresh snow, bringing a smile to the face of experienced skiers. The integrated Titanal Frame delivers power and stability, the new LowRide XL binding with GripWalk allows great power transfer due to the extra low stand height.

Revolt 104

Revolt 104 blue skis

A freestyle ski designed for everyday use on the slopes or in the park! This ski is extremely versatile and can handle hitting the 50ft jumps in the park or down a steep face in the backcountry, it is simply a whole lot of fun no matter where it is used.

Revolt 86

Revolt 86

An All-Mountain, park, freestyle ski at 86mm under foot
The Volkl Revolt 86 Scorpion is a twin tip for aspiring park riders. The butter zone allows you to pull off smooth transitions to switch and back. The Tough Box Construction delivers not only the right amount of pop but also nice agility in the turns. A P-Tex 3000 and a multilayer wood core round out the setup.

Blaze 86

Blaze 86

All-mountain precision in freeriding dimensions with the light weight of a touring ski. In addition to the proven 3D radius sidecut, the 2024 Volkl Blaze 86 is built with a full tip-to-tail wood core. This not only trims the weight and makes the ski more lively, but also eliminates the need for plastic panels, a small but positive environmental aspect. 

Atomic Skis


N Bent 90

Atomic N Bent 90

Perfectly balanced all mountain ski! The 2024 Atomic Bent 90 features HRZN Tech Tip and Tail, which gives you the ability to float through pow laps in the morning and send it in the park in the afternoon. A light wood core keeps the weight down and performance responsive.

N Bent 100

Atomic N Bent 100

Go everywhere, do everything all-mountain ski! With a versatile 100mm waist, the 2024 Atomic Bent 100 has a directional shape and features HRZN Tech in the tip and tail for increased surface area and float. The light wood core and generous powder rocker encourage you to slash and carve up the entire mountain from the peak to the park.

N Bent 110

Atomic N Bent 110

Designed to rip pow turns, slash wind lips and send any line imaginable. With yet again an amazing top sheet artwork on the 2024 Atomic Bent 110 by the man himself Chris Benchetler the ski also features a Dura Cap Sidewall construction paired with the revolutionary HRNZ Tech which offers more surface area in the tip and tail for better tracking through chop and crud with less tip deflection.

Redster Q7

Atomic Redster Q7

The Atomic Redster Q7 Revoshock C is a one-ski on-piste solution for advanced and intermediate skiers ready to go open-to-close in any conditions.

Maverick 88 Ti

MAX 10

The perfect balance of performance and playfulness. The 2024 Atomic Maverick 88Ti utilizes OMatic Construction to create a core that produces the ultimate balance of stiffness and flex throughout the length of the ski. Blending the perfect amount of rocker with camber underfoot for maximum effective edge contact during the entire course of every turn.

Redster Q6

Redster Q6

The Atomic Redster Q6 is a smooth-skiing, any conditions, piste-devouring ski developed for intermediate to advanced skiers.


Cloud Q9

Atomic Cloud Q9

The Atomic Cloud Q9 is designed for intermediate female skiers. With Multi Radius Sidecut and a 75mm waist, the Q9 excels in any on-piste conditions.

Mavern 86 C


The 2024 Atomic Maven 86 C delivers unparalleled performance for every run on the mountain! This ski features an ultra-lightweight carbon insert that runs the length of the ski like a stabilizing backbone. This provides exceptional agility and edge hold with no extra weight. It also utilizes OMatic Construction to create a core that produces the ultimate balance of stiffness and flex throughout the length of the ski.Vantage 75 C

Salomon Skis


Stance 90

Salomon Stance 90

An all-around crowd pleaser, capable in any terrain. The 2024 Salomon Stance 90 is elegantly poised, yet powerfully built. Now featuring a dynamic karuba/poplar construction to tame a twin-metal frame, the Stance 90 offers just the muscle and edge control you need to savour the entire mountain – but it won’t wear you out before après. Go ahead, get dancing.


Stance 88

Solomon Stance 88

A new vision for all-mountain versatility. The 2024 Salomon Stance 88W features an all-new construction using a karuba/poplar core and redesigned titanal frame to create an energetic ski that excels at the piste, bumps, glades and everything in between. Trust in the ski’s full sandwich sidewalls when the going gets fast and firm. Re-imagine where your skis will take you.




LINE Blade Skis

The ski like no other on the market. With an aggressive and agile shape, tight turning radius and a shovel ready to plough through anything that gets in its way, the 2024 Line Blade opens up opportunities to have more fun than you’ve ever experienced on the mountain.

Blade Optic

LINE Blade Optic Skis

Ideal for anyone who enjoys high-speed skiing with confidence! The 2024 Line Blade Optic 96 represents the narrowest ski in the Blade Optic collection that harnesses the power of Gas Petal Metal Overdrive.


Pandora 84

Pandora 84 skis

The ultimate cruisey all-mountain ski! For the days when the skies are clear, and the snow is fast, pick up the 2024 Line Pandora 84 and rip through anything the frontside will throw at you. The best ski for nonstop groomer laps, square up on the Pandora 84, the intuitive, easy skiing hardpack specialist and let those skis run down the mountain.


Sakana Skis

The versatile all-mountain ski like no other! The award-winning 2024 Line Sakana is a versatile all-mountain ski like no other on the market. Utilizing a unique swallowtail shape and camber through the majority of the ski, the Sakana is made to rail turns on hard snow, but an early rise tip and wide shovel allow the skis to surf through deeper snow.

Chronic 94 SOLD OUT

Chronic 94

Designed for all-mountain freestyle enjoyment! The 2024 Line Chronic 94 remains the dopest all-mountain freestyle ski. What's even doper is the adjustments Line has made to this flagship ski. Complete with Bio-Resin to increase bonding within the core, new Thin Tip Technology to increase tip and tail durability, and Thick-Cut Sidewalls for added edge strength, the Chronic 94 is the beefiest freestyle ski we've ever made.

Faction Skis


Prodigy 1

Faction Prodigy 1

The 2024 Faction Prodigy 1 mirrors the shape of the best-selling Prodigy 2, including Factions' award-winning Elliptical Sidecut design and a Full Strength Sidewall for top-notch edge hold. Compared to the Prodigy 2, it's 10mm narrower underfoot for precise handling in the park and on-piste, and its poplar core is bolstered by the inclusion of ash wood, ensuring it’s ultra strong to withstand heavy stomps

Prodigy 2

Faction Prodigy 2

Ultimate all-mountain shred tool! The 2024 Faction Prodigy 2 packs all the right ingredients to help you pop, stomp and surf all over the mountain; its Poplar Core is soft and poppy enough to butter those slushy rollers while maintaining stiffness underfoot, meaning the only way to beat your last run, is to go back up for another one.

K2 Skis


MindBender 89 Ti

K2 MindBender 89 Ti

When soft snow is in short supply, turn to the 2024 K2 Mindbender 89Ti. Although it’s built with the same Titanal Y-Beam construction and All-Terrain Rocker profile as its other metal-reinforced Mindbender siblings, the 89Ti stands apart thanks to a narrower waist width. Resulting in a ski that has the precision edge hold you need to dominate the hardpack but is still wide enough for forays into the ungroomed.

Black Crows Skis




The vertis is a dynamic, playful short-radius ski (15m), tailored for vitality. With an 85mm waist it can go from edge to edge very swiftly, enhancing the joy of carving and cutting lines. User-friendly but powerful with its intermediate degree of flex, the Vertis is the classic Black Crows resort ski.



Intermediate float, speed and quickness, the Captis is the ideal ski for ski areas. Thin and therefore a more responsive ski with a quick edge-to-edge transition. The Captis is a very forgiving and pleasant ski. The ultimate wild ski for skiing and jumping.

Mirus Cor

Black Crows cor

A brand new UFO, the Mirus’ Cor is a ski thought for performance and design, to achieve an alliance between two worlds: freestyle and the most angular curves of today. Built with a fairly long rocker and a split tail, it allows short curves for playing, for piste, and for the side of the ski run, it is carving in a black crows approach and/or all terrain freestyle. Accessible, well-built and creative from any point of view.


Captis Birdie

Captis Birdie

Medium width, rapid and vivacious, the captis birdie is ideal for resort skiing. The captis birdie is relatively narrow making it very responsive and meaning quick edge-to-edge transition. Lighter and softer than the unisex version, this is a women’s only savage ski.
Burton Snowboards


Free Thinker

Burton free thinker

The Free Thinker will launch your riding through the doors of perception into the jib-dimension. Park, pipe, rails, side-hits, wind lips, and more - it's all in a day's work for the free-thinking freestyler.

One Hitter

One Hitter Burton

A powerful traditional camber profile give this board solid edge hold and instant response, as well as poppy ollies, powerful turns, and strong stability at speed. Think freely, approach the mountain differently, and ride whatever you want, however you want.

Good Company

Burton Good Company

The Burton Good Company will surely be a hit for anyone looking to spend time in the park and progress to the next level. The classic feel of a traditional camber twin can't be beaten when looking to spin, press, and slide through every obstacle in the terrain park.

Tornado Warning

 Burton Tornado warning

The Burton Tornado Warning is an ultra-responsive ride that will keep you jibbing and spinning no matter the terrain you ride. Built to be light and poppy this positive camber board provides unlimited style and liveliness allowing you to stomp every landing with ease.



Burton Custom

The Burton Custom is a cult classic backed by over 20 years of good times, podium finishes, and all-mountain performance. Built with a Camber bend, you get all the aggression and stability underfoot you would expect from a cambered snowboard.Deep Thinker

Skeleton Key

Burton Skeleton Key

The offspring of a one-night stand between two of Burton's most revered all-terrain boards, the men's Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard has quickly become a staple in the quivers of their testers and team riders.

Name Dropper 

Burton name dropper

The Burton Name Dropper has solidified itself as one of the best park boards in the game. The softer flexing core with fan-favourite PurePop bend offers pop, stability, and a fun flex, perfect for slaying every feature in the park, from sticking on and pressing through rails to stomping spins in the XL jump lane.

Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero Burton

Because sometimes the best backcountry experiences come with mixed conditions and unexpected terrain, you need a board that rises to every challenge. The Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Split board works well anywhere you drop it.

Deep Thinker

Burton Deep Thinker

The Burton Deep Thinker perfectly personifies Danny Davis' outlook on snowboarding with this versatile weapon of a snowboard that is a number one choice for anyone looking for top-notch performance.


Burton Process

Constantly evolved to drop ounces and amplify pop, the men's Burton Process Snowboard is Mark McMorris' pick for its twin freestyle playfulness and all-terrain prowess. Featuring PurePop camber for a forgiving yet snappy feel, the Process is suited to the freestyle rider but still capable of ripping the entire mountain, as proven by the pros who push it.

Custom X

Burton Custom X

The Burton Custom X sits atop the Burton lineup, boasting aggression and precision few boards can match. Burton has pushed the limits with the Custom X, fitting in as much tech as possible while keeping the weight staggeringly low and delivering a stiff, stable, and responsive board fit for the world's best.



Burton Rewind

With an extra poppy flex, the souped-up women's Burton Rewind Snowboard is for riders who charge hard and like to flaunt a freestyle attitude backed by steady park progression. Thanks to the Filet-O-Flex design, the flat, ultra-thin, and skate-like profile improves the ride yet rips harder than any soft board.


Burton Yeasayer 

From unexplored peaks to your favourite parks, the women's Burton Yeasayer Snowboard tames anything in your way. The board's Flat Top profile surfs through deep powder while keeping things stable underfoot, and a true twin design keeps you in control no matter which way you point it

Feel Good

Feel Good Burton

The Burton Feelgood is the most versatile of the Burton range, setting the standard for all-mountain riding. Rider-proven and continually updated, the Feelgood has a history of proven performance in professional and recreational snowboarding, making it incredibly progressive for the girl who wants to push her riding to new limits.

Nitro Snowboards




The 2024 Nitro Dropout is a true hybrid powder and all mountain monster of a snowboard. Having the directional shape of a powder board, with its longer nose and a shorter fun shaped tail, it works incredibly well in the powder, and with the addition of Power Pods for additional contact points along the edge.


Alternator Nitro

The brand new Nitro Alternator is a super capable, all-terrain freestyle board that will handle everything inbounds - to the wild terrain outside the boundary.


Optimsym Mens Nitro

The 2024 Nitro Optisym is perfectly described as a board for people who enjoy turning the entire mountain into their own personal playground. It allows people who want to get into the aggressive carving, freestyle game but also jib around the park with ease.


Nitro Squash

The 2024 Nitro Squash offers the best construction to satisfy everyones favourite conditions to ride in, powder and groomers. The Squash floats like a boat, carves like a knife, is is one of the most stable boards underfoot.



Drop Nitro

The 2024 Nitro Drop has grown to be one of the most impressive and popular boards in Nitro's range simply because of how fun of a ride it is. Designed to give some of the most reliable edge control on the market, the Drop loves to charge and carve hard thanks to the reliable (but still forgiving) edge hold of its Cam-Out Camber and added Power Pods.


Optisym Womens Nitro

The 2024 Nitro Drop has grown to be one of the most impressive and popular boards in Nitro's range simply because of how fun of a ride it is. Designed to give some of the most reliable edge control on the market, the Drop loves to charge and carve hard thanks to the reliable (but still forgiving) edge hold of its Cam-Out Camber and added Power Pods.

Salomon Snowboards



Dancehaul Salomon

Turn up for the Dancehaul. This board has a mountain of personality for every riding style. Extra width and a tapered directional shape transform ordinary to extraordinary with maximum agility in any snow scenario. Rock Out Camber with Popster Core and Ghost Basalt Stringers play as a reminder that freestyle can happen anywhere.

Huck Knife SOLD OUT

Huck Knife Salomon

The 2024 Salomon Huck Knife keeps impressing the world of snowboarding year after year and has cemented itself as a leader in freestyle and park riding, the amount of awards it wins year after year proves this and is going to be choice board for the Salomon Olympic team this winter.



The 2024 Salomon Assassin continues to impress year after year with its all mountain versatility and is a perfect option for any rider looking for a snowboard that can do it all. Float in pow, feel incredible stable on groomers, lock into rails, and land huge jumps without fault thanks to the mid stiff, directional twin shape and build of the board.

Capita Snowboards


Ultrafear Cam

Ultrafear Cam Capita

The Ultrafear gives you enhanced ollie power and edge retention for high-speed carving via an elongated camber profile. These boards shine on jumps, jibs, transitions and stand as one of the world's great freestyle resort and park boards.

Outerspace Living

Outerspace Living Capita

The Outerspace Living features a true-twin freestyle shape blended with an all-terrain camber profile built for freeriding. The inserts are slightly set back to reflect how most riders prefer to mount their bindings on this model, technically making it a directional twin, while retaining the option to mount centered as a true twin depending on stance preference.

Defenders of Awesome

Defenders of Awesome Capita

The Defenders of Awesome series has a big reputation, and these boards back it up. A winner of the most coveted design award in snowboarding for an unprecedented seven years in a row, this model became Capita's number 1 selling snowboard and one of the most sought-after snowboards in the world. The D.O.A.


Aeronaut Capita

Side Hit Euphoria has generally been considered an enlightened state, or an "out of this world" experience. Now, the existential joy of enhanced board control and massive ollie-pops is attainable to all.


Mercury Capita

No need for a thermometer when you're running The Mercury. It will get you into and out of every possible situation. This award-winning series is renowned for all-terrain versatility, from powder and kickers to side hits and park laps.


The Equalizer

Capita SpaceMetalFantasy

This board features a custom-designed hybrid camber profile, which allows for incredible control—making you a better snowboarder in variable terrain and changing conditions. The signature ride and response have been created by implementing a P2 Superlight Core™ to achieve a desirable flex for all-mountain terrain.


Paradice Capita Board

Lightweight and versatile, this board shines for the intermediate all-terrain freerider. These perfectly balanced all-terrain freeride boards are stable and supportive—yet forgiving and easy to ride at the same time.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of Feather Capita

A technical adaptation of the D.O.A. series, the Birds of a Feather offers the performance of one of the most sought-after snowboards in the world, replicated into flex patterns and geometry to meet women's specific riding requests.


Slush Slasher

Slush Slasher Capita

Bust out those horror movies because the slashers are coming in HOT! The Slush Slasher is the playful mini-park and powder ripper that changed the game. This innovative short-board rails turns on the groomers, transition, and in the park, and it's as fun on jibs as it is in the deep stuff.

Lib Tech Snowboards



Burton Orca

Not your gutless fish. Travis has juiced up this Jackson Hole resort slasher into an apex all-terrain tech shred predator. A long floaty nose combined with a powerful poppy contact maximizing short radius “whale tail technology”.

How much does it cost to demo skis or boards?

You can demo all the snowsports brands on offer at Perisher Sports Demo Centre for $129 for skis and snowboards

Unsure whether you found the perfect one first time round? No problem, the demo price gives you the chance to test up to three different types of skis/snowboards until you have made your decision on what you like most.  

Interested in buying what you’re trying?

If you’re loving what you’re riding, you can purchase the skis or snowboard you’ve tested minus the cost of the demo price you paid! That’s a possible saving of up to $129! 

2023 Epic Australia Pass holders receive 15% off retail purchases when shopping in resort at Perisher Sports Demo Centre. 


Perisher Sports Demo Centre Location and Opening Times

Perisher Valley Perisher Centre Lower Arcade Open 8:00am Close 4:00pm

Prices and services are subject to change at the proprietor's absolute discretion. Prices include GST.
The major credit cards that can be used throughout the majority of the resort are Visa and MasterCard.

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