Looking to test out new ski and snowboard equipment at Perisher before you buy?

The Perisher Slopestyle Demo Centre is the place for you! Drop into the store to check out the newest skis and snowboards on the market and you'll also get expert advice from knowledgeable staff on what they think is best for you.

Test the latest in ski and snowboard equipment with from some the world’s best manufacturers, right here in Perisher.  

Best brands on offer to try out!

Volkl Skis


Racetiger SC

Volk RacetigerSC

The Racetiger SC is your wild card into the world of slalom racing. The tip rocker with Full Sensor wood core makes this ski extremely agile and explosive in turns. 

Deacon 76

Volk Deacon76

Incorporating technology and designed to make firm conditions more fun, the Deacon 76 comes with the same race technology in the Racetiger but has a broader range of use: An All Mountain Race Ski.  

NEW Deacon 84Volk Deacon84

Replacing the RTM series the Deacon 84 offers intermediate / advanced skiers smooth turns and responsive transitions. Volkl's NEW 3D Glass Construction provides extra stability and power to the Deacon 84. 

Deacon 80 - 2021 Model 

Volk Deacon80

Deacon 80 is an all-mountain ski perfect for intermediate / advanced riders looking for smooth turns and seamless transitions. The XTD Tip and Tail rocker work to enhance turn initiation and handling off-piste, without compromising the hard snow grip that is further bolstered by Volkl's signature 3D Glass construction.

Mantra 2021 Model

Volk Deacon80

If you are looking for the one ski that you can take everywhere, the Mantra has always been amongst the chosen few. In the 5th generation the Mantra features a powerful and sportive all mountain freeride setup with carbon tips, a titanal frame and full sidewall

Kendo 88

Volk Kendo88

With a 90mm waist width, early taper in the forebody, and tip and tail rocker with camber under foot. Its carefully crafted design elements allow it to feel playful in soft snow, while maintaining the edge grip, stability, and frontside performance that have made it so popular.


Volk Kanjo

The Kanjo rounds out Völkl’s venerable all mountain freeskiing series with an easy handling ski featuring an 84mm waist along with the Titanal Band construction,  tip and tail rocker, full sidewall construction, and moderate taper in the tip. This combination of technologies creates a lively yet stable feel for cruising the front side blended with smooth, buttery turns on the occasional trip off-piste. 

Bash 86 - 2021 Model 

Volk Kanjo

The Bash with 86 mm middle width is a tip & tail rocker twin tip for aspiring park and urban artists. The butterzone allows to pull off smooth transitions to switch and back.


Flair 79

Volk Flair79

A great all-rounder, the FLAIR 79 has been trimmed to the perfect weight. It's designed to give advanced skiers an agile, smooth skiing ride to ski the slopes all day without fatigue.

Kenja - 2021 Model 

Volk Kenja88

The Kenja features a 90mm waist, moderate taper in the tip, and the added maneuverability of tip and tail rocker. These design elements create easier, more playful handling, while maintaining the edge grip, stability, and frontside performance that have made it one of the most popular all mountain skis on the market.

Yumi - 2021 Model 

Volk Yumi

The strength of the Yumi has always been the huge range of skiers’ abilities who could enjoy it, and the lively, yet stable feel on the front side blended with the float and maneuverability for an occasional off piste ramble make it a great ski. It features tip and tail rocker, full sidewall construction, and moderate taper in the tip.

Salomon Skis


X-Max X10 

MAX 10

Unleash your on-piste beast. X-MAX X10 sets you free with a Titanium insert and Woodcore. It's the best balance of power, precision and control.

QST 92

QST 92

More terrain and new experiences. The QST 92 makes fast arcs on hard snow, shreds zipper bump lines, even likes a lap or two in the park. Built with C/FX, it delivers lightweight and stability for confidence to try everything.


Salomon SFORCE9

The S/FORCE 9 + Z12 GW ski is the perfect ski for confident on-piste skiers looking for speed without compromising stability, so you can carve your way down the slopes in different snow conditions. With the NEW Edge Amplifier ski plate, Crossover Tip and a full wood core construction this ski will reduce vibration whilst delivering optimal stability at high speed.


Salomon XDR80TI

Ski different terrain throughout the day. The progressive rockered tip and C/FX dampening help the XDR 80 Ti  shine everywhere, with a smooth ride, stability and playfulness that defy what you expect of lightweight skis.


QST Lux 92 


The QST LUX 92 blends terrain adaptation, energy, and a smooth ride. Built on a full Woodcore, it balances on-piste power and soft snow floatation. 

QST Myriad 85 


Agile, all-mountain ripper blending power, supple feel, and smooth ride. 

Aira 84 Ti


Salomon has created one of the lightest performace womens specific skis on the market. Tuned for optimal frontside performance offering power, confidence and precison for railing on hard pack and floating through the mixed conditions.

Aira 76 ST


Maximum control in more terrain with Aira 76 ST. Its progressive rocker shape delivers a consistent, playful feel. Meaning more fun with less effort, from the first chair to the last.

Burton Snowboards



Burton Custom X

Get pro-caliber speed and precision with the most aggressive board in Burton's line-up. 


Burton Custom

The Custom is a trusted and versatile all-terrain board. Lightweight, poppy, stable and precise. The directional version give riders a little more surface area in the front end, with a set-back stance for a little more float. 

Custom Twin

Burton Custom Twin

The Custom is a trusted and versatile all-terrain board. Lightweight, poppy, stable and precise. The true-twin version give a little more freestyle based appraoch to the Custom.  

Custom - Flying V

Burton Custom FlyingV

A versatile and trusted all-terrain board, offering a comination of camber and rocker to give a combination of power while offering relaxed float

Deep Thinker

Burton DeepThinker

The directional spin on Danny Davis' go-to for laps all over the mountain. Adding the float of directional camber to a unique shape, with a little touch of taper improves the all mountain abilities of this board, while still holding all the cards within the freestyle realm. 

Free Thinker

Burton FreeThinker

A true-twin spin on Danny Davis' go-to for laps anywhere around the mountain. The unique shape opens up the possibilities to get creative. Camber keeps it poppy, with added carbon to give it snap without the stiff side effects. 

Flight Attendant 

Burton FlightAttendant

Designed to be an all terrain alternative to more traditional twin shapes. Balanced Freeride Geometry is the secret with setback camber and sidecut that are centered on your stance to create a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base

Killroy Custom 

Burton Killroy

Built for riding any and all terrain, the Burton Kilroy Custom takes the attitude and approach of the most trusted board ever and gives it a new unique shape and construction. A camber profile, directional shape and twin flex gives a balanced ride that’s equally versatile regular or switch.

Killroy Directional

Burton KillroyDirectional

Killroy Twin

Burton Killroy Twin

Name Dropper 

Burton NameDropper

The Name Dropper is built for next-generation, park-tuned performance. Off-Axis means all of its key ingredients, from the edges to the poppy core profile, match the angles of your stance for enhanced grip, smoother takeoffs, and stomped landings. PurePop Camber amplifies ollies and loosens up the overall feel for a more playful take on traditional camber, while the addition of effortlessly flexing Off-Axis Squeezebox Low enhances the overall soft freestyle feel.


Burton Process

Constantly evolved to drop ounces and amplify pop, the Burton Process is a twin freestyle playfulness and all-terrain prowess. Softer flexing than the Custom, the Process is suited to the freestyle rider, but still capable of ripping the entire mountain. 

Process Flying V

Burton Process FlyinngV

Constantly evolved to drop ounces and amplify pop, the Burton Process is Mark McMorris’ pick for its twin freestyle playfulness and all-terrain prowess. The FSC™ Certified Super Fly II core creates a lighter, lift-off-ready deck, while Squeezebox core profiling transfers energy towards the tip and tail for snappier ollies and effortless stability. Available in two versions, choose the relaxed and floaty Flying V or precise control of PurePop camber. Process is suited to the freestyle rider, but still capable of ripping the entire mountain as proven by the pros who push it.

Skeleton Key

Burton SkeletonKey

The Burton Skeleton has a unique hard-charged directional shape fused with camber and a slightly increased waist width that carves like a knife. With a directional camber, flex and shape this bad boy still rides well switch for cheeky park laps.



Burton Rewind

The Burton Rewind offers riders an extra poppy flex. The flat, ultra-thin, and skate-like profile improves the ride, thanks to Filet-O-Flex design, yet rips harder than any soft board out there. Ramped-up grip and a fast yet low-maintenance sintered base offer control and durability in variable conditions, while the Off-Axis construction perfectly aligns the board’s design to your body’s stance and positioning for board feel that fits like a glove.

Talent Scout

Burton TalentScout

The Burton Talent Scout is a step up in pro-driven attitude from other twins, a camber profile gives riders the power, control, and finesse to thrive on all terrain. Designed to fit like a glove, the Talent Scout’s Off-Axis design aligns the Squeezebox core profiling and Frostbite Edges with the typical park rider’s stance, unlocking the board’s natural flex and edge hold for buttery smooth control.

Capita Snowboards



Capita Mercury

Renown for all-terrain versatility, the Mercury has been designed for power when you want it and float when you need it. From powder and kickers to narrow chutes and laps around the park, this all-terrain monster will get you into and out of every possible situation.


Capita Ultrafear

A all mountain freestyle favourite, the Ultrafear is renowned for its ollie power, fast sintered base and true-twin shape. A three-time Transworld good-wood award winner. With further upgrades like new-formula sidewalls and a fast and easy to maintain sintered base, one of the great jib and park boards in snowboarding has reached new heights.

Defenders of Awesome

Capita DOA

Delivering pop and response from a cambered board partnered with the predictability of reverse-camber and fast sintered base it is the ultimate go anywhere, do anything freestyle board. 

Indoor Survival  

Capita DOA

The Indoor Survival has been upgraded with new Inlaid HD Titanal Struts and a Quantum DriveTM high-speed sintered base to complement the durability needed to perform at higher levels inside resort boundaries. 

Outerspace Living

Capita OuterSpaceLiving

The Outerspace Living series feature a true-twin freestyle shape blended with a hybrid-camber profile built for freeriding. Forgiving when you want them to be, but strong enough to handle sticky situations, these boards excel when one board is asked to handle the in-bounds features of a resort and side-country conditions as well.


Capita Horroscope

One of the best urban, rail focus boards on the market the Horrscope excels lap-after-lap through the park. Featuring a true-twin blunted shape with a shorter tip and tail for decreased swing weight, the Horrorscope allows you to size down without losing any performance.


Birds of a Feather 

Capita Birds

This hybrid-camber, all-terrain destroyer is for the lady conquering the entire mountain. It goes fast, is responsive, and has everything you need in it for a great day out on the hill no matter where you are. It is is suitable for a wide range of riders and is ready to take your snowboarding to new heights.


Capita Paradise

Perfectly balanced all-terrain freeride board that is stable, supportive, and poppy while being forgiving and easy to ride at the same time. Featuring camber underfoot for controlled turns and a rockered nose and tail that floats in powder, the Paradise rides above the choppy stuff life can throw at you

Space Metal Fantasy 

Capita SpaceMetalFantasy

This very forgiving reverse camber shape provides a fun experience for intermediate riders looking to expedite the learning curve and take their riding to the next level. A board that excels when carving around the slopes, playing on features in the park, and it even floats surprisingly well in powder.

How much does it cost to demo skis or boards?

You can demo all the snowsports brands on offer at Slopestyle Demo Centre for $99 for skis or $79 for snowboards.

Unsure whether you found the perfect one first time round? No problem, the demo price gives you the chance to test up to three different types of skis/snowboards until you have made your decision on what you like most. 

Interested in buying what you’re trying?

If you’re loving what you’re riding, you can purchase the skis or snowboard you’ve taken on minus the cost of the demo price you paid! That’s a possible saving of up to $99!

If you're a Epic Australia Pass holder you'll receive up to15% discount on a range of products throughout the season!

Pop by and see the friendly Slopestyle Demo Team on the lower level of the Perisher Centre. Or give them a call on 02 6459 4757.

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