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Master Your Skills with the Best Team Around!

Whether you’re looking to polish up your skills recreationally or take them to the racecourse, our Master's programs cater for adult skiers looking to learn around like-minded people and have a good time while doing it! 

Our Master's programs focus on steady progression with our specialised and experienced coaching team who will be there every step of the way. Get ready to skill up with techniques that will take your skiing to the next level. Whether it’s for racing or for fun, our Master's programs will progress your skiing in an experience like no other!  

Please note: The Masters program is ski only. 

    Recreational Masters

    A recreational ski program where you will work on skill improvement with an emphasis on adventure skiing with plenty of mileage utilising the entire mountain and terrain on offer.

    This program caters to the intermediate and advanced skier who enjoys skiing with a group of likeminded individuals of a similar ability level. You and your coach will work on a season-long progression of movements that are needed to take your skiing to the next level. 

    Race Masters

    Race Masters is an adult ski race program for the experienced skier with racing ambitions. Race Masters focuses on skill acquisition and gate training through focused sessions. Our coaches will work with the group and on an individual level to provide opportunities for you to take your skiing and racing to a whole new level.

    Throughout the program, there is also the opportunity to access early morning training as well as video analysis allowing for specialised race training and race technique assessment, 

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