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Join Our One of a Kind Snowboard Team 

With an emphasis on safety, fun and learning the Winter Sports Club Snowboard program focuses on developing athletic snowboarding by enhancing versatility through all-mountain riding, skill development and gaining experience in a competitive environment. 

In a safe, progressive environment the snowboard coaching team will develop the skills of our aspiring Park & Pipe athletes to learn tricks and develop tactics to bring together competition-style runs. 

Aspiring Boarder-Cross athletes will enjoy exclusive access to Perisher's several boarder-cross courses and supporting race training facilities to develop their skills. 

We have a great team of highly qualified and experienced coaches working with these programs who will provide well-rounded programming focused on the individual athlete to help develop all aspects of their snowboarding. Maximising time on snow with an emphasis on safety, fun and learning. 

The program is suited to participants aged 8+ years who are strong all terrain skiers with strong all mountain skills ready to take their skiing to the next level.


    Snowboard Team Weekend Training        8+ years

    This program is perfect for young riders with strong all-mountain skills looking to take their riding to the next level. Training will focus on all snowboard disciplines: Boarder-Cross, Slopestyle, Big Air, Giant Slalom and Free-Riding.

    • The weekend program will commence on Saturday the 25th of July and run every weekend through Sunday 20th September.
    • Training days are planned with an early 7am or 8.30am start.
    • Athletes will not be supervised during any training breaks.
    Snowboard Team Weekday Training        11+ years

    This program will train disciplines of Boarder-cross and Slopestyle. The full-time weekday program is perfect for young adult athletes with solid fundamental skills and a desire to compete to be successful at all levels.

    • The weekday program will commence on Monday the 20th of July and run weekly through to Friday 18th September.
    • Weekly training groups will train 5 days (Monday -Friday) with rest days on weekends. Training days are planned with an early 7am or 8.30am start.
    • Athletes will not be supervised during any training breaks.

    The best point of contact for any new equipment purchase is your coach as they best understand your needs. However, as it is not always possible to touch base with your coach the following is a brief guide to setting yourself up for success through equipment selection.

    Snowboards: Boards are matched to the rider based on the size of the rider (height, weight, width of the foot) and the intended purpose for the board. A freeride board is essential for all athletes in the snowboard programs. Even if Racing (SBX or GS) is your primary focus you will need a freeride board for most of your training. Race focused riders may opt for a directional board, which is stiffer and with a true camber profile which more accurately reflects the feel of a race board. Race boards should only be considered once you have reached a certain skill level. Prior to this, they may be harmful to the development of essential skills. Freestyle focused riders may opt for a twin board, which is softer and with a less aggressive camber profile.

    Bindings: Ensure you have your boots with you when purchasing bindings. The sizing and shape of your bindings will be determined by what works best with your boot. Discuss your intended snowboarding with the salesperson as this will give them a clear indication of what binding is right for you. Softer more flexible bindings are more conducive to park riding while a stiffer more responsive binding has advantages in racing.

    Helmet: All athletes are required to be wearing an approved Snowsports helmet during training.

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Perisher's Winter Sports Club is recognised as a Snow Australia Affliated Pathway Program.

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