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Explore Perisher

Explore The Four Resort Areas!

With four resort areas and over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain all of which interlink, you will definitely want to get around all of them. 

Our lift ticket provides access to all four resort areas, including Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Guthega and Smiggin Holes.

We've made it easy for you to get an idea of each resort area with an overview and what you will find at each location. Whether you want to spend your days in Perisher Valley and then explore Blue Cow, or if you want to start at Smiggins and work your way to Guthega, we've got you sorted with everything from the best places to eat, where to get lessons or the best terrain to enjoy.

Explore Perisher Valley

Perisher Valley

Perisher Valley has a great range of terrain from beginner runs through to advanced terrain. Home to one of our five terrain parks, it's a very active and exciting place to be. Perisher Valley has a large range of areas for beginner and intermediate skiers but also happily accommodates our advanced guests.

With extra snow activities such as marked cross country trails andnight skiing two nights a week throughout the season, nothing compares to the terrain we have, it's just up to you to explore it.Explore Blue Cow

Blue Cow

It's definitely a name that gets you wondering about the story behind it, so this is how the story goes... James Spencer obtained the lease for the high country on the main range back in 1840.

They say that Spencer bred imported black English Shorthorn cattle with white Shorthorns which gave the offspring blue roan coats. One cross-bred cow would disappear after the thaw each year and would be found grazing on the mountain before the next winter; and so the mountain was named Blue Cow.

Blue Cow is accessible by the comfort of our Skitube where you can then ski directly out the door and start enjoying all that is on offer. With a great range of Green and Blue runs including Zali's, Pleasant Valley and Roller Coaster, as well as some great Black runs such as Kamikaze and Show Boat, Blue Cow really covers all bases for all ability levels.Explore Smiggin Holes

Smiggin Holes

Have you ever wondered where the name Smiggin Holes comes from? The name is Scottish and was the term used to describe the holes in the land created by hundreds of cattle when accessing rock salt left out for them by graziers. It's that simple.

The Smiggins that we know today now has excellent terrain for our beginner guests and families with a bowl where everyone returns to the same place when finishing their runs.

Smiggins is protected from the weather and has a variety of restaurants and lodging options for guests. Smiggins has easy access to Perisher and then on to Blue Cow or Guthega for those ready to explore our four resort areas.Explore Guthega


Guthega has undergone a big transformation after the addition of the Freedom chair, with on-snow restaurants and views that will take your breath away. Accessing Guthega has never been easier, and with a total of 16 runs there really is something for everyone. There is a reason why locals love getting to Guthega and end up spending most of their day there.

The terrain ranges from Green, Blue, Double Blue and some Blacks for the more advanced skiers and boarders. With breath-taking panoramic views of the Kosciuszko mountain range, don't be surprised to see people stopped on the side of a run to grab a quick picture of the view. Guthega has some unique on-snow restaurants such the Burning Log and BASECAMP Cafe in the Guthega Mountain Centre, new in 2021, as well as on-snow lodging options.

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